Faraland Relaunches the Mystical ‘Lady of the Lake’
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Faraland Relaunches the Mystical ‘Lady of the Lake’

The ‘Lady of the Lake’ is a special feature in Faraland. It’s a place where players can interact with a Goddess by a holy lake. This interaction lets players get rare items, and the luckier ones might even earn a reward – the Senora Chest.

So, this feature cleverly solves the problem of too many inventory items. Also, it allows players to give up unused items for a chance to get better ones.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, in the main interface, players can add the items they want to trade. The list of tradable items will be visible in the items pool. After choosing items for trading, different return rates for items of various rarities will appear. Finally, once you confirm the transactions, the process will be complete.

What’s New in the Update?

Secondly, the new ‘Lady of the Lake’ comes with some exciting changes. The tier of the items won’t be a factor when you put them in the Lady of the Lake. Additionally, seventy percent of the items you trade will only be exchanged with ones of the same rarity.

How Does It Work?

Also, Epic items will have a 5% chance of getting items with higher rarity, and other classes of items will receive 10% of the items with higher rarity.

Lastly, rare items will have a 0.5% chance of getting Legendary items, and Epic Items will have a 2% chance of getting Mythical.

The Senora Chest

Thirdly, each transaction with the Lady of the Lake has a fee. Currently, each transaction costs 20 $FARA. Of this fee, 25% of the total value is for the operation of blockchain blocks, while the remaining 75% will stay in a secure vault.

The latest updates introduce “The Amazing Senora Chest.” With this new feature, players can participate in a spin and try their luck in getting all the $FARA funds in the vault. Players will enjoy unlimited spinning rounds, making it a thrilling experience for all participants.

Important Notes

Finally, the game platform will be using the value of $FARA as the basis for validating all exchange fees. Users will see the pool items changing from time to time as per their supply levels. Also, they will be able to enjoy the game much more with the use of non-fee wallets.

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