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Nine Chronicles Announces New Equipment – Aura

Nine Chronicles is proud to announce a new equipment – Aura. This NFT will become available once the v200080 update goes live. It is a radical tool that promises to change the way people experience adventures within the game.

Details of the Nine Chronicles New Equipment Aura

Aura is the latest weapon to become part of the Nine Chronicles equipment store. It works similarly to runes by giving players unmatched stats bonuses like never before. In addition, it also ensures that players get a skill.

There are no limitations to this power-up, and people can activate it anytime during gameplay. This applies to adventure, battles, world bosses, and arena modes. Once triggered, a vibrant energy field will surround the in-game avatar. This further evolves into three distinct appearances as the level-up your Aura.

Meanwhile, the game is adding a new slot where players can add Aura to their inventory. In addition, people can easily upgrade their Aura by using one Block. They do not need to have NCG.

Even better, users can purchase an already-upgraded Aura. The best part is that they will retain the process and experience points of the Aura that they purchase. Most other games often reset improved NFTs that players purchase to their basic levels

How to Get Aura Within the Game

Details of the Nine Chronicles New Equipment Aura

Anyone with Golden Dust can summon the Nine Chronicles Equipment – Aura. Players can easily obtain this NFT from the workshop.  Meanwhile, there are no guarantees as to the specific booster that players will get. Each Aura will appear according to its probability.

The price of getting an aura is as follows:

  • 1 Aura – 20 golden Dust.
  • 11 Auras – 200 Golden Dust.

Note: Those who purchase 10 Auras at once will get a bonus of 1 more Aura.

Players can get Golden Dust through these three means:

  • As a staking reward for reaching Level 7 of the Monster Collection.
  • Obtain it from the Nine Chronicles Mobile Version Shop, which will be updated in the coming weeks.
  • Via the Golden Dust Super Sale for PC users only.

In the meantime, Nine Chronicles understands that very few players have reached Monster Collection Level 7. The reason is that it will take 10 million NCG to get to that stage. Also, most of the gamers are PC users.

To ensure that everyone gets this power-up, the team is launching a Special Aura Launch and Golden Dust Super Sale from Monday, the 25th of September. Interested individuals will have a limited opportunity to use NCG to purchase Golden Dust at a cheaper rate. There will be another announcement to this effect.

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