Derby Stars Version 0.8.21 Update Goes Live
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Derby Stars Version 0.8.21 Update Goes Live

Derby Stars has launched version 0.8.21 of its game. This release comes after a recent system maintenance to improve certain aspects of gameplay of this Esports game. More so, this operation took place from 01:00 to 03:00 UTC on the 25th of September. It is more of an intermittent update to fix some pending gaming issues.

While unveiling this patch note, the team stated that this is a preparation for a major update that will be coming in October. These modifications are a preparation (a pit stop) for that major upgrade. There will be a separate announcement when that significant edition is launched.

Details of the Derby Stars Version 0.8.21

The latest version is now live, and players can download it from the Derby Stars Website. It features several balances to ensure a more stable gaming experience. For example, the team is implementing the Skill Balance patch. The aim is to adjust the abilities of horses and make them more optimized.

Meanwhile, there are more than 500 skills distributed among different horses within the game. Considering this factor, Derby Stars will not be balancing all of them. Instead, the team will try to improve specific Special Skills.

Going forward, users will be able to activate these skills more frequently. However, there are still certain terms and conditions that individuals must fulfill before using these boosters. Regardless of the new eligibility criteria, the new system makes it easier for people to get ahead in races.

Below are the skills that will undergo an upgrade in this version:

  • Half Step Back for Victory.
  • One Step Back for Victory.
  • Dedication for Victory.
  • Eyes That Glow in the Dark, Second Start 2.
  • The Engine That Doesn’t Stop, Vengeance 1.
  • Second Start 1.
  • Last Chance – Stretch Runner.
  • Comeback Chance 2.
  • Comeback Chance 1.

Bug Fixes and Other Updates

Bug Fixes and Other Updates

Besides skills, there are other modifications coming to the Derby Stars Version 0.8.21. For example, getting more Cores that pile up improves the Distance Aptitude of your horse. However, staking up too many Cores adversely affects their efficiency.

In addition, the mobile version will have more resolution options. Individuals accessing the game via phones are now able to receive push notifications. Everyone is now able to access all types of turfs in the PVE training mode. Directions are now correctly displayed during PVP matches. Horses will no longer shake at lower FPS.

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