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Warena Launches the DeFi Emporia

With the launch of the Warena 3D game coming up this year, their team is introducing the first steps into the metaverse. This involves Emporia – a special on-chain NFT-land based area within the DeFi zone within Warena metaverse. Here are the details of this special area.

All You Need to Know of the Warena DeFi Emporia

The Warena DeFi Emporia is more than just a game with tradable and sellable utility-driven NFTs. It is a system of lands within the metaverse for players to do business and reside. The various plots will serve different business purposes. In addition, the geographical location and topographic distribution also affect their properties.

Each land will occupy a 10×10 pixels area on the general map of Warena metaverse. They will consist of soil, water and forest. To access the ratio of each plot, click on them in the map interface of DeFi Land.

Distribution of Land in Emporia

Warena DeFi Emporia Lands

There will be five different sections within the Warena DeFi Emporia. They include Eshuya, Moonlit Glades, Forlorn Woods, Deadthorn Lands and Terminus Veil. Players will claim and expand their territory, starting from the central city. Below is a breakdown of the plots within the DeFi metaverse:


Emporia is the DeFi zone of Warena, and it is not available for sale. It is located right in the heart of the Sarama Highland area. This zone consists of 20×20 slots. It is the main portal and entrance of the game when entering. This is where players can interact and experience the features of the Bank, Marketplace, Green House, etc.

Moonlit Glades

After the Eshuya zone next is the Moonlit Glades. It contains 200 slots that will be available for Presale in early April 2022. As such, it will serve as the first round of land sales. This area is more valuable than other areas. It also has twice the spawn rate of Resource Points compared to other areas.

Forlorn Woods

This region consists of average plots. As such, the parameters and properties in this part of the zone are average. Land from Forlorn Woods will serve as the second round of land offering.

Deadthorn Lands

Users who purchase land NFTs from this zone will have a low probability of discovering a Prehistoric Relic — the remnants of an ancient civilization. It is also a particular type of Resource Point with many new uses. In addition, this will be the third-round sale area

Terminus Veil

This zone is a wild and unconquered wild space. It will serve as a medium to create special zones for players to experience adventure, organize events, etc.

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