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Top Blockchain Games with an In-Game NFT Marketplace

Third party NFT trading platforms like Opensea offer a variety of options for trading digital assets. However, they come with their side effects too. For example, there are a number of scams or fake traders. Also, you are buying from other users. As such, they determine the prices for which they will sell their assets. With an in-game NFT marketplace, users get a more secure and stable platform for buying or selling in-game assets.

Blockchain Games with an in-Game NFT Marketplace

Besides having NFT marketplaces, some games even went as far as creating their own in-game wallets. Below are some top blockchain games with trading platforms within the game:

Axie Infinity

axie infinity

Axie Infinity marketplace offers users a dashboard where they can monitor your digital assets. The store currently has more than 600,000 Axies for sale. You can sort them by their time of addition, class, breeding counts and other stats.

Besides Axies, there are other items like LAND and product bundles for sale.  Users can connect to this marketplace using the Ronin Wallet – a sidechain wallet built on the Roninchain. Thereby making Axie Infinity one of the few blockchain games to have its own wallet.


Splinterlands Chaos Legion Second Pack Sale

Another NFT game with an interesting trading platform is the Splinterlands game. In its marketplace, users can access Card Sales and Land Sales.

You can also put up your cards for rent on this platform and earn passive income. The marketplace offers amazing user experiences. Earlier in December, Splinterlands did a revamp of its marketplace


Mystery NFTs in Extensive DeRace 2022 Roadmap

Despite offering its NFTs on the Binance NFT market, DeRace has an in-game NFT marketplace.

In addition to trading horses, players can also place bets and sell predictions of racing outcomes. With further development, it is expected that DeRace will begin offering NFTs on its own marketplace.

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite in-game marketplace status update

Another blockchain game that has its own marketplace is Monsta Infinite. Despite encountering challenges during launch its own marketplace, it has turned out well.

On this platform, users can buy Monstas or participate in egg sales. Players can also access their MONI or STT balance from their dashboard. It also has its own wallet – Monsta Wallet.

Plant Vs Undead

PVU game

The PVU marketplace is another extensive trading platform. Once you connect it to your Metamask wallet, you get to enjoy extensive benefits. This includes a dashboard, the market itself, farming options and new offerings.


decentraland in-game marketplace

In the Decentraland marketplace, you can buy LANDs, wearables and other items you will use for playing the game. It categorizes items into names, new items, the latest sales, latests listings, parcels and estates.

Earlier on, Decentraland added the My Store feature to its in-game marketplace. With this feature, players will be able to manage their assets and sort them into different categories.


Sandbox Musical Metaverse Experience

The user interface for the Sandbox shop is very simple. It has NFTs from every single experience that has taken place on the Sandverse.

Users can also connect their VoxEdit accounts to the Sandbox shop. This makes it easier to sell the digital assets they create using this editing tool.


The Bazaar Marketplace is the official store for the CryptoBlades game. It offers users the option to not just buy NFTs but also sell NFTs to other users.

This shop is compatible with BSC, HECO, OEC, Polygon and Avax blockchains. CryptoBlades recently introduced the new Garison feature to enable CryptoBladers manage their assets easier.

My Defi Pet

my DeFi pet

My Defi Pet recently launched the Marketplace Version 1. Despite being relatively new, this is one of the most impressive marketplaces.

Users can purchase eggs, pets, islands and other in-game items. It also allows you to filter through the store’s inventory. You can even select the specific features that you prefer from the item you want to buy.

Challenges Facing in-Game NFT Marketplaces

When using third party trading platforms, users will have to be careful when redeeming their NFTs. They will also have to be careful when connecting their assets to the game. Linking it with the wrong network may lead to loss of assets. But with everything in one place, the process will be much smoother.

Despite their benefits, in-game marketplaces are not easy to operate. Especially during special sales and offerings. As the community members of a project grows, the marketplace will need upgrades to be able to support the increasing number.

Also, they can be very limiting in terms of sales and offerings. Unless the project has a strong community, sales that are conducted on in games marketplaces may not raise that many funds.


In-game NFT marketplace

There are many reasons why numerous blockchain games do not have their own trading platforms. However, the trend of metaverses and gaming ecosystems will cause more blockchain games to develop their own NFT trading platforms.

It may likely grow beyond a means of just selling NFTs to players. Soon enough, users will be able o trade NFTs amongst themselves in most in-game marketplaces.

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