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Splinterlands Marketplace Update Following Chaos Legion Sale

Recently, Splinterlands launched the sale of the second pack of its chaos legion NFTs. There haave been certain complaints regarding the ongoing sales. Following this complaints, the game issued the Splinterlands Marketplace Update – showing that it was still on top of the situation. This announcement came via their discord channel. Here are the details of this update.

Details of the Splinterlands Marketplace Update

At 04:51 GMT+1, Splinterlands sent out a notification via its discord channel. This was to notify members of its community of the happenings in the marketplace.  It is nothing new that marketplaces often struggle to handle traffic during sales. Many blockchain platforms are observant enough to anticipate it.. Unfortunately, that was the case during the phase 2 of the Chaos legion sales. The market platform was lagging and users will have difficulties making purchases.

There was a delay in the time it takes in listing a card and it reflecting in the market. Although it did affect many cards, the major victim were the gold foil cards. Following these issues, Splinterlands tracked every single issue and decide how best to resolve the. One of the measures the game took is disabling several market performance updates. According to its technical team, this will help it regroup and restore the marketplace. The game expects to get things running by 16:00 EST on the 3rd of December.

Splinterlands Marketplace Update leaderboard

The marketplace is not the only platform that the technical team intends to update. Besides the market, it will be updating the performance of the leaderboard. Also, there are plans to bring back Top Battles. This mode is not just returning, the game is also promising a faster gameplay in that mode. Gamers should gear up for a more interesting gameplay.

Town Hall and Chaos Legion Launch

It seems to be a very period for the Splinter community as the festive season draws even closer. With plans to improve its marketplace in place, the game is set for a Town Hall. This town hall will take place the 3rd of December by 09:00 EST. Splinters will get the opportunity to interact and share their thoughts about the game with fellow gamers. Follow this links to register and participate in the Town halls:

The Chaos Legion launch is also coming up next week by the 8th of December. Therefore, the town hall offers an opportunity to get more information about this launch.

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