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What do I Need to Start Playing Crabada?

Built on the Avalanche network, Crabada is one of the most played play-to-earn games on the network. While it is a simple game, it features more mechanics that differentiate it from others. It offers many incentives to players, giving gamers value for their investments.

So, what do you need to get started? That is what this post is about. Read to learn all about playing Crabada.

How to Start Playing Crabada

There are different game modes you can play on the platform. As a beginner, you can start with the Idle Game. You need a team comprising three Crabada to start the game. Having these assets qualifies you to play and earn the in-game currency – the TUS token.

Apart from the Idle Game, let us see other gaming activities you can explore on the platform to play and earn.crabada

Mining Expedition

Crabada are productive assets deployed across different mines in the undersea world. To go on a mining expedition, you must form a Mining Party, which comprises three Crabada. With these assets, the next step is to choose a vacant mine where you must deploy your Mining Party.

It is worth mentioning that your Crabada starts mining treasures without your supervision. Each Mining Expedition lasts for about four hours and gives a reward of 212.625 $TUS at completion. You can also explore Daily Project rewards for more earning opportunities on the platform.

Looting Mission

You can also deploy your Crabada to loot a mine already occupied by a Mining Party. To do this, you need to form a Looting Party, which also comprises three Crabada. After forming your party, choose a mine already occupied by another mining party and deploy your Looting Party there.

Your Looting Party will start to engage the other party in claw-to-claw combat. It takes about one to two-and-a-half hours to complete a Looting Mission. The timeframe depends on whether or not the Mining Party gets reinforcements from the source to defend their mine.

You must understand that Looting Missions are risky, and you get a small bounty for your effort. Each Looting Mission earns your 17 $TUS. That is in addition to the loot you get from the raid.

You can steal up to 65% of the rewards of the Mining Party you looted if your mission is successful. This earns you about 138.206 $TUS. When you fail a Looting Mission, you do not get any reward.

It is worth mentioning that Idle Crabada can also earn rewards without looting or mining. You can deploy Idle Crabada as mercenaries at the Tavern. Short-staffed players can hire them for reinforcement and pay a fee.

Your Crabada will return to the Tavern unharmed following a battle, irrespective of the outcome. You set the fee for lending out your Crabada. However, the tavern will charge a 10% fee on your fee.

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