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CryptoBlades Launches the Bazaar Marketplace

CryptoBlades, a play-to-earn NFT-based blockchain technology, has released its Bazaar Marketplace with exciting features. This is a new update to the game platform, which will bring more opportunities for the community members.

The Bazaar Marketplace comes with a new user interface, updated filters, and sorting. Suffice to mention that the new marketplace is designed to be a global NFT trading platform that allows users to display, sell, and buy NFTs.

Although the game comes with new features, gamers will find the same functionality that they are conversant with. However, the platform focuses on new design, usability, and performance.

Features of the Bazaar Marketplace 

Players will have an opportunity to explore numerous features and purchase the same on the marketplace. Items available to buy on the platform include Weapons, Characters, Shields and Armors, and Shill shop items, such as skins and lands, among others.

The items can be sorted by name, cost, level, stamina, and minimum and maximum price range. They can also be filtered by Rarity and Element. Just as players can purchase these items on the Bazaar Marketplace, they can also sell any of them to other players on the same platform.


What’s Next for CryptoBlades Game Platform

The release of the Bazaar Marketplace is one of the numerous developments that the game platform has in store for the year. The objective is to integrate NFTs from platforms other than CryptoBlades. It is looking to incorporate NFTs from Omnus and CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

That means users can explore the Bazaar Marketplace for CryptoBlades’ partners’ items. Users will be able to see, sell, and buy items and NFTs from other platforms. The vision of CryptoBlades is to grow its project and market to unimaginable heights beyond the leading platforms in the industry, including OpenSea and LookRare.

Highlights of the CryptoBlades Game Platform

CryptoBlades is a play-to-earn platform where players can earn $SKILL tokens. They can earn these tokens by fighting and defeating enemies, staking their gains, and winning on PVP. As players become stronger and gain victory over more powerful enemies, they will earn more exciting rewards.

Beyond fighting and defeating enemies, players can also craft exceptionally powerful weapon NFTs to trade on the Bazaar Marketplace or defeat their enemies. The game platform offers players numerous opportunities to explore and win big and tradable rewards.

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