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AOmetaverse Announces the AO23 Artball Collection Mint

AOmetaverse has announced the AO23 Artball Collection Mint. Unlike most collectables, these non-fungible tokens offer multiple benefits. This ranges from access to Decentraland Experiences and a Ground Pass to match tickets. Sales will take place via Wildcards, Waitlists and a Public Dutch Auction. This will offer everyone equal opportunity to get an NFT for themselves.

Details of the AO23 Artball Collection Mint

There are three different dates for the AO23 Artball NFT collection mint. They include the following:

  • Wildcard (Allowlist): from 07:00 AEDT on Wednesday the 11th of January to 04:00 AEDT on Thursday the 12th of January
  • Waitlist: 07:00 AEDT on Thursday the 12th of January to 04:00 AEDT on Friday the 13th January
  • Public Auction: 07:00 AEDT on Fri day the 13th of January to 06:59 AEDT on Saturday the 14th of January.

Within this period stated above, the AOmetaverse is offering 2,454 new artballs to welcome new users. Each of these digital assets is linked to a plot on the court, If the winning shot from any of the 400 Australian Open matches lands on that spot, there will be upgrades to the corresponding ball. This ascent will occur in real time to highlight the match details and ball casing.

In addition, users who score AO23 match points stand a chance of winning AO24 tickets. Any AO artball that scores a match point in the women’s final will get 2 tickets to watch the AO24 women’s final. Meanwhile, Ao22 members will have access to the finals of AO23, the United Cup Tennis and other upcoming international tournaments that will happen this year.

Although it is targeted at new members, existing investors with the AO22 Artballs can still participate. The team wants to ensure that everyone gets in on the action. Such that, every roll of the ball offers a chance at scoring match points. Speaking of AO22 holders, they will get a membership multiplier if they purchase from the AO23 collection. Meanwhile, there will be a “Collaborator” category that will feature additional designs and benefits from iconic brands.

AO Metaverse on Decentraland

AOmetaverse is set to make a second appearance in the Decentraland metaverse on the 16th of January 2023. This event will be open to all Tennis fans from around the world. They will be able to access the main stadium, Rod Laver Arena and explore the precincts. Players can also choose their preferred adventure from the different content from the Melbourne Park. Meanwhile, only holders of the AO Artball can enter the new arena.

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