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AO Metaverse Partners With Chainlink for a Grand Tennis Tournament

AO Metaverse, an NFT-based game platform, has partnered with Chainlink, an industry-leading decentralized oracle network, to launch its Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament on January 17, 2022.

The event aims to create a cutting-edge Non-fungible tokens (NFT) experience for participants. The Grand Slam tennis tournament event offers tennis fans from all over the world the opportunity to virtually attend the AO 2022

Players will have the opportunity to enter and explore the primary stadium Rod Laver Arena virtually. They will also have the freedom to explore the grounds and watch different sessions of tennis matches. The event promises to be exciting and fulfilling for all participants.

Highlights of the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament

The tournament will feature different attractions to keep tennis fans entertained. First, there will be live broadcasts of events to keep fans abreast of happenings in the arena. The game platform will also offer daily POAP and airdrops of different wearables

The full details, schedule, and updates will be available through the official Twitter page of AO Metaverse from tomorrow. Interested individuals can also gain access to an additional utility, which offers them the opportunity to take active ownership and decisions on the court. 

Owning the AO Art Ball NFT series from AO Metaverse also offers holders the chance to fully own a tennis ball. Suffice to mention that the tennis matches are at the core of the Australian Open 2022. That means every holder of an AO NFT will get a link to the different matches

ao metaverse

Not only that, for each match in the Australian Open, AO Metaverse will use the ball mark data match points to award court plots to NFT owners. When this happens, it will update your Australian Open Ball NFT with the relevant match-winning sticker. 

This depends on the specific round that your boll has won a match point in. It will also update the metadata and traits of the Ball NFT.

More Details about AO Metaverse Art Ball

The AO Art Ball is the first official Australian Open Non-fungible Token (NFT). There are a total of 6,776 unique AO Art Ball NFTs that are available and interested participants have the opportunity to mint and own the ball. 

Each Art Ball NFT gives the holder one section of the 6,776 courts in the tennis arena. A total of 400 matches are officially available and holders of NFTs have the opportunity to win points in matches, which can be converted to real value.

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