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PlayPoseidon Announces a New Event for New Users on Its Platform

Following the successful completion of its Double Reward Event today, April 25, PlayPoseidon has announced a new event for its new users. The event is slated to launch immediately after the Double Reward event ends at 1:00 pm UTC today

Suffice to mention that PlayPoseidon is the world’s first shooter-defense NFT-based play-to-earn gaming platform launched on multi-chain Polygon and BSC

What is the Newcomer Week Event all about?

The event will start on April 25 and runs until May 2, 2022. The event will see new users and even current users alike earning some extra rewards for their gaming adventures. First, when players earn Hero EXP from winning matches, you get an additional one point for all map stages/levels

That means if you win the stage of Map Level 1, you will get two points and if you win Map Level-2, you get three points. Additionally, the cost of upgrading NFT Hero from Level-1 to Level-2 will be significantly reduced by a whopping 75%. You also get a 25% reduction in price when you upgrade from Level-2 to Level-3.


What More Can Players Expect During the Newcomer Week Event?

From this week, PlayPoseidon has enabled the Weekly HighScore feature. That means players can participate to win the Weekly HighScore Prize. The highest Weekly Prize that is available for winning is 1662.5 PPP plus 8 Rare Eggs

The first weekly HighScore reward will be available for claim by next Monday, May 2, at midnight UTC. It is worth mentioning that the monthly HighScore feature will launch on May 1 and the first monthly HighScore Prize will be available for a claim on June 1.

Highlights of More Development Reports from PlayPoseidon

PlayPoseidon has announced numerous developments that have taken place over the first week that the game launched. According to the game platform, over 400 BSC accounts were successfully activated from across the world.

Also, over 500 NFT Pets were minted, including the first Legendary Pet, Black Dragon. It is worth noting that the Legendary Pet was minted by the popular Brazil Youtuber, Douglas GeO. The second Legendary pet, Cerberus, was also minted and it is owned by an undisclosed player.

At the time of the report, no Mythical pet has been minted. The gaming platform reported that almost 300 NFT Heroes have already been minted and over 21,000 matches were completed within the first week.

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