Puffverse Unveils Prize Wheel in PuffGo Grand Updates
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Puffverse Unveils Prize Wheel in PuffGo Grand Updates

While sharing the PuffGo Grand Updates, Puffverse unveils the Prize Wheel that will become an integral part of gameplay. In addition, the team also revealed other features that will increase the earning potential of the game. With this upgrade now live, users can now access new costumes and activities in the Puff metaverse. This will ensure that avatars are well-dressed for every occasion.

While announcing the Grand Updates, the team also shared insights on how players can get better earnings. One way to do this is by using Puff NFTs with high Luck Values. Avatars who possess this feature increase their chances of getting boosted rewards in PuffGo Entry and High Level. Anyone who uses in-game characters with this attribute will get more coins, better Puff Eggs, and higher rank stars.

Different Types of the Puffverse Prize Wheel

For quite some time, the Puffverse development team has been working behind the scenes to improve the game. The Puffverse Prize Wheel is one of the many additions that the devs have been working on. With the update ready, the team is unveiling this new feature and sharing details that players need to know.

As the name states, these are in-game wheels that players will spin to win various prizes. As shown below, there are two types of wheels, each having its own specific requirements for participation.

Puffverse Regular Prize Wheel

Different Types of the Puffverse Prize Wheel

After accumulating a significant amount of coins, players can trade them in for surprise rewards and packages. Users can launch the machine using their in-game coins. When the wheel stops spinning, people can randomly draw different parts of a costume. Examples include a Patty Headgear, Ashe Dress, or Claude Sporty Top.

Meanwhile, the costumes that players will draw from the wheel are different from NFT costumes. More so, no two of these digital items are the same and will not appear on any other avatar. The aim is to ensure that players with NFT owners get to retain their digital privileges.

Players will get 1 free draw per day on the regular wheel. After that first trial, they will have to pay 119 coins to initiate another draw. Meanwhile, people can only get 5 paid draws every day. This will amount to 995 coins if they decide to spin the wheel 5 times.

The Season Wheel

In addition to the regular wheel, Puff will also offer a seasonal wheel. However, this wheel will go live in the next game season. Unlike the regular version, this seasonal machine will be closely related to events and rewards in the next gaming series. Puffverse will share an update when launching this feature.

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