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Puffverse Launches the PuffTown V1

Puffverse has launched PuffTown V1 as a Christmas gift to community members. This new product will debut by 12:00 PM UTC on the 25th of December, 2022. While making this announcement, the team also issued a tutorial to familiarize players with gameplay details.

However, only specific users will be able to join this adventure. Interested participants who want to play this game must meet the following criteria:

Note; You can earn either of these non-fungible tokens by joining the joint winter advent calendar

All You Need to Know About the PuffTown V1

PuffTown V1 is an idle simulation blockchain game that enables players to receive passive earnings. There are different in-game characters involved in gameplay. To begin gaming, users will choose one and let the avatar fight for them. Besides battles, it will also represent you in the different playing adventures. Depending on the outcomes of different activities, these digital assets will rack up experience points.

One significant difference with this gaming option is that players will not directly earn cryptocurrencies as rewards. Instead, they will get coins and diamonds for winning battles or completing tasks. The diamonds are vouchers that are automatically converted to points at specified dates. In addition, they are contracted to your wallet, and you cannot transfer them to other players. However, the points in PuffTown work the same as PuffGo beta and players can redeem them for utility tokens when the initial launch goes live.

Joining the Adventure

PuffTown V1 Gameplay

To start playing PuffTown, players must connect their wallet to the PuffVerse platform. Only users with the required NFTs will access full gaming content. Players will use these digital assets to engage in battles and adventures.

Speaking of adventures, they include the following modes:

  • Story
  • Casual
  • Knock-Out
  • Team

Each of these modes requires different types and numbers of characters. However, the minimum amount of participating characters is 1, and the maximum is 4.

In addition, these different adventure modes have 6 terrains each. They include the following:

  • Terror Tower
  • Frosty Carnival
  • Circus Party
  • Ancient Ruins
  • Sky Castle
  • Dessert Kingdom

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