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Alien Worlds Issues Syndicate Underground Issue #5

The blockchain-based gaming metaverse, Alien Worlds, has released Syndicate Underground Issue #5. The latest issue covers updates on Miners’ Unions, CPU resources, Community Audits, and more.

According to the game platform, the Vele’s Custodians are focused on the Miners’ union and have proposed to fund the CPU for legal Alien Worlds Miners.

They have requested 350,000 Trilium to change to Wax for reputable Miners. However, the goal is to use this fund for resources. Here are the details of other details on the game platform.

Highlights of the Unification of the Miners on the Planet

Alien Worlds mentioned that the unification of the Miners is a priority, as the Custodians have released a proposal in this regard. Also, the proposal will offer 450,000 Trilium towards the funding of front-end development of smart contract interoperability.

In addition, miners can have a voice and put in proposals. It is worth mentioning that the new initiative will provide extra CPU resources for needy Miners. Also, the team mentioned that one of the group’s focuses is Custodial accountability.alien worlds

To this end, a proposal was recently shared that requests a quarterly report, which will publicly review and audit various grants funded through proposals.

The proposal supports the performance of training and testing, operation control, scam prevention, social media outreach, learning center, and more.

Highlights of Miners Rewards

According to the game platform, Naron’s Custodians have consistently rewarded honest NFT miners on the planet for thirteen consecutive weeks. Moreover, they have earmarked another 140,000 Trillium. This will be shared among reputable gamers based on the NFT points they earned within the week.

The Introduction of the Syndicate to the Sin City

The Custodians from Neri in Alien Worlds are set to introduce their Syndicate to the sin city. Also, the edition features a 650,000-Trilium proposal. The team plans to install a billboard on the La Vegas strip to publicize the game and attract new players to the game platform.

It is worth mentioning that the game platform is currently hosting the Outlaw Troopers Trilium Tournament. The event runs from January 30 to February 13, 2023. The prizes include 100,000 TLM and 10,000 WAX worth of Outlaw Troopers NFTs.

It is free to attend for Alien Worlds NFT holders. That means they do not require a battleground ticket to participate. The tournament involves battling against other players to acquire as many medals as you can. Also, the players with the most medals by the end of the tournament win big prizes.

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