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Nakamoto Games Launches the NAKA Runner Challenge

The play-to-earn gaming platform with 150 live games, Nakamoto Games, has launched a new earning opportunity for its community. It calls this latest event the NAKA Runner Challenge.

The game platform has earmarked $4,250 worth of prizes for over 100 participants in the event. According to Nakamoto Games, it is committed to exploring new ways to increase users’ rewards on its platform.

It plans to achieve this through regular hosting of tournaments and campaigns with exceptional cash prizes in the community.

What is the NAKA Runner Challenge?

This is the latest in the packed list of lucrative campaigns the game platform has designed to complement its ecosystem. It is also a chance to enable the community to earn big. The game platform reiterates that the NAKA Runner Challenge is a way it plans to transform its platform into a positive gaming environment for players. 

The game is committed to giving back to the community through campaigns and tournaments and creating a sense of unity and new opportunities for earning.

nakamoto games

Details of the NAKA Runner Challenge

To participate in this event, players should visit the official game platform and select NAKA Runner from the game catalog. The following steps are required to become eligible for a share in the prizes.

  • Play the NAKA Runner game and screen-record yourself during your session. Share this screen record on Twitch and Twitter, and tag Nakamoto Games in your post. Additionally, use the hashtags #NAKAChallenge and #NAKA in your post. You should also comment on the different earning opportunities available on the game platform.
  • The first 100 people to achieve over 250,000 in the game will receive a prize of $30 after fulfilling the prerequisites.
  • The first game to score 450,000 will receive $250, and the first player to reach a 550,000 score will receive $1,000.

The NAKA Runner Challenge starts today and will end on February 10, 2023. Nakamoto Games said it would distribute the prizes to qualifying winners on February 11, 2023. As mentioned, the cash pool for the prizes is $4,250 for over 100 players.

Participants can get into the game right away and start accumulating the score. As stated earlier, users with Nakamoto NFTs can participate in the event for free. More details of the event are available through the official social media page of the game platform.

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