Guild of Guardians eSports Exclusives Buyer's Guide

Guild of Guardians Releases the eSports Exclusives Buyer’s Guide

Guild of Guardians has released the eSports Exclusives Buyer’s Guide ahead of its upcoming sale. This update contains the necessary information players need to join the upcoming sale. It also features details of the whitelist and how investors can join in. This tutorial comes after an earlier announcement of this merchandising event.

Details of the Guild of Guardians eSports Exclusives Buyer’s Guide

Guild of Guardians is set to launch the eSports Exclusives for sale on the 9th of February by 10 AM AEDT or 6 PM EST on the 8th of February. Before then, there will be an allowlist sale by 6 PM EST on February 7th or 10 AM AEDT on February 8th. Interested investors can use this Buyer’s Guide as a handbook for orientation.

Alongside the eSports exclusives sale, there will also be three collection challenges. The first task involves gathering the most Heroes from a team during the primary sale. Those who are among the top 20 participants will receive signed jerseys.

On the other hand, lucky Guardians who summon a Mythic Hero in this event will receive 7 Heroes as rewards. The final contest involves collecting heroes and creating your first pet. Those who collect the most eSports Heroes will be opportune to design their own in-game character.

Players interested in this sale can get more details from this earlier published announcement.

How to Join the Allowlist

Guild of Guardians eSports Exclusives Allowlist

Anyone who can join the Guild of Guardians eSports Exclusives allowlist will get earlier access to NFTs. They will get to purchase NFT 24hrs before the general sale and have a better chance of summoning a Mythic Hero. Remember that this collection will only be available once and never be minted again.  Having early access will prevent the scramble that comes with a public sale.

One way to be part of the whitelist is to own a GOG NFT. On the other hand, you can complete the specific quests from the 30th of January, 2023.

They include the following tasks:

  • Visit the Rewards Portal.
  • Accept the Allowlist’s terms and conditions.
  • Join the Guild of Guardians Official Discord Server.
  • Follow @GuildofGaurdians on Twitter.
  • Like and Retweet the eSports Sale Tweet.
  • Connect your IMX wallet.
  • Stake some $GOG.
  • Tweet about getting on the whitelist.
  • Redeem your allowlist via a Discord Role.

Even after joining the whitelist, users can continue these quests. They will receive points and $GOG tokens for completing different tasks.

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