Guild of Guardians Esports Exclusives Sale
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Guild of Guardians Announces Esports Exclusives Sale

Guild of Guardians has revealed the date of its Esports Exclusives Sale to a landmark partnership. This merchandising event will feature some of the biggest names in the gaming industry. Official collaborators include Cloud9FnaticNAVINinjas in PyjamasNRGSK GamingT1, and Team Liquid.

Details of the Guild of Guardians Exclusive Esport Sale

Guild of Guardians Esports Exclsuives Teams

The Guild of Guardians Esports Exclusives Sale will go public at 10:00 AEDT on the 9th of February 2023 or 18:00 EST on the 8th of February 2023. On that date, the team will offer 16,000 Heroes to interested buyers. Out of the total digital assets made available for sale, there will be 8 Legendary eSports Heroes. Each of them will represent the teams that are playable within the game.

Meanwhile, there will be an allowlist for a selected number of investors. These individuals will have access to the digital assets 24hrs before it goes public. Furthermore, these persons have a higher probability of getting a Mythic Hero. To be on this whitelist, users must be existing holders of GOG NFTs.

Besides that, individuals who have completed all the missions in the community challenge also stand a chance. Interested individuals can follow this guide to learn about what they need to start playing the game.

The team will share more details of this allowlist in the coming days. Members will also know if they are among the lucky individuals.

This is a one-time sale and the collection will not be offered to users again. They will only be able to get these items by purchasing them from existing owners in third -party platforms like Immutable X, TokenTrove, Rarible and

This product will be launched in Immutable X to ensure that users do not have to pay cut-throat gas fees. Each of this avatar will be available for $99, which users will pay for in $ETH. However, GOG is not stating the price in Ethereum due to the volatility of this cryptocurrency. Considering that payment is in $ETH, users need to stock up their wallet with this coin.

Every item is this drop has a 10% chance of being a warrior, 2% of being an elite and 1 of 1 chances of being a Mythic. Owning these grants you access to other benefits and utilities. They include the following:

  • Exclusive leaderboard
  • In-game rewards
  • Out-of-game rewards
  • Community quests
  • Signed eSports jerseys
  • NFT airdrops
  • Exclusive allowlist
  • Top spender

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