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TOWER Announces Exclusive Rewards for Crazy Defense Heroes Players

The team behind the TOWER Ecosystem has launched an exciting initiative aimed at Crazy Defense Heroes players. This collaboration focuses on linking users’ game IDs with their cryptocurrency wallets on the official game website, offering participants exclusive rewards.

To access these rewards, players must complete the linking process, which has been optimized for a smoother experience. Initially, new players need to download Crazy Defense Heroes from the app store and find their ID in the game’s settings section. Securing the ID involves logging in through Google, Apple, email, or phone number.

Once the ID is obtained, players can head to the official game website to link their identification with their cryptocurrency wallet. By logging into the website with the same account used in the game, the wallet can be connected, and the linking of the game ID with the associated wallet can be confirmed. This process unlocks a series of exclusive in-game rewards, as well as access to additional features, including the TOWER Store, TOWER League, and play-to-earn events.

TOWER Drives the Integration of Blockchain and Digital Entertainment

Among the rewards offered are 3-star equipment and hero cards, such as the “Mask of Boredom” and “Ace,” respectively. Additionally, tower cards, gold chests, and premium evolve chests are awarded, providing players with significant opportunities to enhance their skills and progress in the game.

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It is important to note that this collaboration not only aims to enrich the gaming experience but also highlights the integration of cryptocurrencies into the world of digital entertainment. This linking of wallets to game IDs is a further step toward the widespread adoption of blockchain technologies.

For those who have previously linked their game IDs with their wallets, simply reconnecting the wallet to the game’s website will allow them to enjoy the exclusive rewards.

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