Closed Beta for Tiny Kingdom zkSync Will Be Live Tomorrow!
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Closed Beta for Tiny Kingdom zkSync Will Be Live Tomorrow!

It’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, and you can get to decide the future of play to earn Tiny Kingdom. This is possible because you can join the zkSync closed beta program. So, you will get to see what’s new and give your feedback on it.

Duration of Test

The purpose of this test is to get insights into the game and make it even better. The process will last for 2 weeks. It will begin on 15/06 at 08:00 AM (UTC) and end on 29/06 at 07:00 AM (UTC).

During this time, the platform will also fix bugs actively and even add new features to the game. To be able to access the beta, you will need to use a browser since it is only available on the web.

Who Can Participate in the Closed Beta from Tiny Kingdom?

To be a part of this testing process, you will need to be at least one of two things. You need to either be a winner of the Zealy Sprint, or you need to be on the whitelist. Of course, many will not get an invite, but there will always be more chances in the future.

Tiny Kingdom

What Will the Testing Cover?

As is the case for any beta like this, the goal is for the developers to find and fix as many bugs as possible. So, all the participants will get resources and heroes that they can play with. New heroes will also come via airdrops to keep things fun.

Of course, the progress during this time will not count and will be wiped once the testing ends. Participants can share feedback about the testing on the Discord support channel.

Rewards from Tiny Kingdom for Participants

Tiny Kingdom knows how valuable the feedback is from the community and test participants. So, they will give two types of rewards for the beta, and they will depend on how they perform.

Firstly, anyone who can get up to or above 10,000 castle combat power in the game will get one zkSync Tiny World Mystery Rune. This increases your chances of getting much better SSR and SSSR heroes.

Secondly, any participant who finds and reports bugs will get a special reward from Tiny Kingdom. These will vary depending on the seriousness of the issue and will certainly have a high value.

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