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Spark Era INO Set for 8th August on the Babylon and Bitkeep NFT Marketplaces

Spark Era is set to provide loot boxes via an INO on the 8th of August. This offering will take place on the Babylon and Bitkeep NFT marketplaces. Through this sale, the game will introduce players to the Spaceships they will use during Battle Royal Mode of gameplay.

Details of the Spark Era INO

There will be two different sections to this event. One of them will take place on Babylons NFT marketplace. While the other will happen on the BitKeep platform. Both offerings have significant differences, despite occurring on the same date. They will be as shown below.


Spark Era announced that it would be having its INO on the Babylons NFT marketplace on the 8th of August. While making that announcement. It pointed out some important things to note. They include:

  • Date: 8th of August 2022
  • Time: 14:00 UTC
  • Amount of Loot Boxes: 5000 Units
  • Price: 200 $BUSD per unit

Besides the basic information, there are still some distinct details. For example, there will be 16 different space types with three rarity levels from this offering. In addition, this is a general sale, and there be no accommodations for whitelists or staking requirements. Anyone can join and benefit on a first come first served basis.


Spark Era INO on Bitkeep

Unlike the sale on Babylons, Bitkeep offering takes a slightly different sale. Before going into them, let us look at the basics:

  • Date: 8th of August 2022
  • Time 22:00 UTC+8
  • Amount of Loot Boxes: 500 Units
  • Price: 0.62 $BNB

As stated above, the time is 16 hours apart. In addition, the exchange medium is the $BNB token instead of $BUSD. More importantly, this event is solely for users with staking benefits. Also, there will be 100 spots for each whitelisted person to mint 5 NFTs each.

How to Participate in the Spark Era INO on Bitkeep

While issuing the announcement, Spark Era also gave a tutorial for whitelisted users looking to participate in the offering on Bitkeep. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the Bitkeep app and navigate to the NFT marketplace.
  • Tap the top-left corner in this section to access all available INOs.
  • Scroll down for the Spark Era NFT Offering and click on it to access the interface.
  • When the event goes live, click on the Mint button then select Confirm to proceed.
  • Enter your password to confirm the purchase.
  • After completing this process, you can go to the INO menu and click on History. In this section, you can view all your records and history. This includes details like Projects Information, Rules, and Launch time.

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