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Faraland Learn and Earn Campaign Launches on 9th August

Earlier in August, Faraland announced a strategic partnership with HoneyCOMB – a DeFi exchange on the $BNB Chain. To kick off that relationship, the role-playing strategy wargame introduces a new initiative that will enable users to receive benefits while improving their knowledge. The title of this campaign is Learn and Earn.

Unlike other ideas, this venture focuses on existing gamers who have in-depth knowledge of the gameplay. However, it is not only beneficiary to players. Even its partner will be opportune to introduce several projects more excitingly through this operation.

Details of the Faraland Learn and Earn Campaign

The Faraland Learn and Earn campaign is an enterprise for experienced players looking for new and exciting experiences. More so, these persons want to continue receiving benefits while exploring. This drive will take place in the game, whereby users will begin their various adventures. There will be two stages to movement. The first is the Learn Stage, while the second is the Quest Stage.

The Learn Stage

The Learn Stage will begin on the 9th of August 2022. On this path, participants will encounter Merlan. He is the master of all quizzes and will significantly test your knowledge on the Faraland’s Partners’ Project. Therefore, you must research and learn all you need to know before joining the adventure. If you can answer the questions correctly, you will receive utility and governance tokens from the game’s partners as rewards.

Faraland x HoneyCOMB

The compensations for this level will be distributed after each stage. Every account will receive $COMB, which is worth $5. You can always claim your wages on the Reward Portal within the game. Players will begin gameplay at the first village – Gruyeres. After which they will proceed to the Citadel of Helga. It is at this second point that they will receive the Partner Quest from NPC Merlan

The Quest Stage

After successfully answering the quizzes of Merlan, you can now get in on some action. To ensure that this is not some dull campaign, Faraland is incorporating some PvE fights into your path. As an adventurer, you will engage in battles with several monsters and prove yourself worthy.

There will also be a Boss Fight towards the end of your journey. However, no one knows precisely where this will take place. Nonetheless, you will receive hints from a metaphoric rhyme that you must solve. You will receive a unique NFT item if you can defeat the Boss.

Not all learn and Earn Quests will have three paths. It all depends on the preferences of Faraland’s partners.

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