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Five Ways GameFi is Improving Life Quality

Blockchain technology has always been painted in a bad light for as long as memory serves. From talks about excessive power consumption to threats to the environment. However, nobody seems to be talking about how GameFi – a niche of this technology – is improving the quality of human life.

Contrary to popular opinion, blockchain games are not Ponzi schemes. Factly speaking, there is proof as to how these projects make their money. We also identified move-to-earn games that reward users for exercising. However, these innovations are not just rewarding players for their passion. Several of them are going as far as taking significant measures to encourage healthy living.

How GameFi is Improving the Quality of Life

The statement that “GameFi is improving the quality of life” is not a mere pronunciation. It is a true statement of fact with proof to support it. Here are five ways this technology does so:

Creating Ample Means of Interaction

Community Size

We did not realize the value of human interaction till COVID rocked the globe. People were almost becoming depressed due to isolation. During this period, unhealthy habits like gambling peaked. However, the introduction of the metaverse helped curb this issue. Virtual worlds like Sandbox, Decentraland and the likes kept people engaged and promoted communication amongst individuals.

It wasn’t as though there were no prior means of digital activity. These other options were limited and did not provide an excellent subject to sustain the discussion. They were primarily routine, and conversations soon became stale. With GameFi, people had a diverse range of opportunities to select from. Even better, they can meet new people and expand their network via the metaverse.

Rewarding People for Exercising


As mentioned above, several GameFi projects are encouraging people to engage in exercise. Games like Genopets and Stepn reward people based on the amount of physical activity that they engage in.  The former encourages players to take more steps in rewards for in-game tokens. Users can then sell these tokens to earn fiat money. On the other hand, the latter rewards you for engaging in physical activities like cycling, working out or running. You can trade the $GMT you receive for new avatars or better upgrades. Instead, you can choose to

Encouraging People to Rest and Sleep

Sleep Ecosystem

As if promoting exercising and physical activities is not enough, GameFi projects are now encouraging people to sleep. Unlike Genopets and Stepn, MetaGym offers tokenized benefits to users based on the amount of sleep they get. Simply select the kind of training you want to engage in after you launch the app.

While MetaGym is a comprehensive platform, SleeFi specializes in compensating you for the duration of sleep that you get. All you have to do is log in to your account daily. This project is set to launch in September 2022. Similarly, Sleep Future is another medium to receive prizes for enjoying a good nap. The more you rest, the higher your chances of earning $SLEEPE – which you can use to purchase items from the SleepStore.

Providing Job Opportunities


Everyone knows how the blockchain gaming industry is providing jobs for developers, business developers, and everyone working for GameFi companies. However, little is known about how this niche is helping creators earn a living. Metaverses like Sandbox use the VoxEdit contest to incorporate creative people into the development process.

There are also plans to create virtual workspaces in the metaverse and enable people to work remotely. For example, J.P. Morgan entered Decentraland with the launch of the Onyx Longue. Nakamoto Games is also introducing an advertising tool investors can use to promote their brands and business on their land NFTs.

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