Revolve Games Launches Bones and Blade Beta V2
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Revolve Games Launches Bones and Blade Beta V2

Revolve Games has launched the Bones and Blade Beta V2. This is the latest product from that blockchain gaming ecosystem, and it incorporates the play-to-earn model. Players will be able to own and earn in-game items as digital assets.

For a very long time, Revolve Games has been working towards developing this project. The aim was to have a stable gameplay ecosystem with the right financial dynamics. This system will ensure that players’ assets have inherent value that extends beyond gaming.

Details of Revolve Games Bones and Blade Beta V2

Revolve Games Bones and Blade Beta V2 went live on the 29th of May. According to the announcement, this game is open to every player and does require special access. While this new launch utilizes the play-to-earn mechanism, participants will not begin earning rewards immediately. Instead, the team will incorporate a compensation system in a subsequent edition by March.

Details of Revolve Games Bones and Blade Beta V2

Players will be required to stake their NFTs into smart contracts to access gameplay. Meanwhile, the compensation system will reward active players more than passive stakers. In simpler terms, users’ APY will be dependent on their in-game performance. Therefore, anyone who wants to earn more will have to win a significant amount of matches.

Besides gameplay outcomes, XP levels, and booster sizes also affect the rewards that participants will earn. The system utilizes the following values to ascertain individual prizes:

  • Staked amount
  • Level points
  • Booster points
  • Rarity points

Anyone who wants to earn more can use XP to level up their characters. They can also use booster points to increase their staking multiplier. However, these boosters only last for 3 days.

Meanwhile, the Bones and Blade Beta are only available for Windows-powered devices. Notwithstanding, the developers are currently working towards launching an Android version of the game. More so, this application will only work with devices whose operating system equivalents are above Samsung 7.

To ensure that the gameplay experience is smooth, contestants are advised to use a computer that meets the following requirements:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 operating system
  • Intel Core i3 processor with a chipset of 2.4 GHz speed or higher.
  • Minimum of 4 Gigabyte RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 240dedicated graphics card with a minimum of 512 Megabytes of Virtual RAM.
  • 6 Gigabytes of minimum available storage space.
  • Stable broadband internet connection.

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