Celebrating 80 Years of The Little Prince: An Adventure in The Sandbox Metaverse!
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Celebrating 80 Years of The Little Prince: An Adventure in The Sandbox Metaverse!

Get ready for a fun trip as The Little Prince, the famous hero from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book, enters the world of the Sandbox!

Mediawan Kids & Family and The Sandbox have joined forces to make an epic set to celebrate the book’s 80th year! Are you ready for a fun and exciting trip that you will never forget? Because that is exactly what this collab will be all about.

A New Animated TV Series

Firstly, see the magic of The Little Prince with a new TV series called “The Little Prince and Friends” in September 2023. This is especially for preschoolers and will attract young people around the world. So, get ready for a fun and enchanting quest! This is an event that you will never forget, and we bet you want to benefit from it a lot.

Enter The Sandbox

Secondly, Mediawan Kids & Family has joined Sandbox, a huge digital platform, to bring The Little Prince to life in a whole new way. Now, you can see Sandbox and the timeless world of The Little Prince. See yourself diving into a unique journey and finding a new collection of The Little Prince NFT avatars. It’s a fun and cool adventure you will not want to miss!

Enter The Sandbox

An Exciting Collaboration

Thirdly, this partnership between Mediawan Kids & Family and Sandbox is a huge moment for fans of The Little Prince. Sebastien Borget, the COO and Co-Founder of Sandbox, shared his passion for this collab as well. He says that bringing The Little Prince, a major cultural icon, into the Metaverse is a big milestone. Get ready to be inspired, dream big, and share your stuff in this new form of storytelling and fun!

Unleash Your Imagination in The Sandbox

Finally, join the celebration of The Little Prince’s legacy and go on a trip full of wonder and friendship. This collab opens many chances for storytelling and fun events. So, go to the Sandbox website, share your creative ideas, and find the magic of The Little Prince like never before. Also, don’t miss out on this amazing adventure into the digital world and make your dreams come true!

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