Derby Stars Breeding Boost Event Goes Live After an Improvement Update
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Derby Stars Breeding Boost Event Goes Live After an Improvement Update

Derby Stars is launching a Breeding Boost Event to give more players a limited opportunity to breed their horses. This comes after a breeding improvement update that made significant changes to the system. The team wants to celebrate the new process of getting a foal.

Details of the Derby Stars Breeding Boost Event

This event will go live by 01:00 UTC on the 5th of October. From that time, players will be able to hatch a soul within 24 hours. This is a significant reduction from the standard 120 hours. Derby Stars is speeding up the breeding process to enable users to get more horses. More so, individuals will have a greater chance of getting a rare foal when breeding.

The breeding event will continue from the above date till 23:59 UTC on the 18th of October. Within this period, the cooling time for breeding will be reduced from 1 week to 0 weeks. By reducing the cooldown time, the team is increasing the chances of players breeding new horses.

Meanwhile, players should be aware of the time when breeding. For example, the time to hatch a soul will return to 120 hours once it is 23:59 on the 18th of October. Therefore, anyone who breeds a horse may miss out on the benefits of this breeding event and have to wait for 120 hours. The same mechanics apply to the cooling time, which will go back to 1 week once the event period is over.

Rewards in the Breeding Event

Details of the Derby Stars Breeding Boost Event

Derby Stars will be distributing breeding rewards to individuals who participate in the Breeding Boost Event. However, only those who breed foals between the 5th and 18th of October will be eligible for these prizes.

The first one is the 50% payback, where the team will reimburse 4,000 $CRT to riders. Derby Stars is increasing the cost of breeding from 4,000 $CRT to 8,000 $CRT within the period of the event. However, the game will refund 50% of that money for every breeding exercise a player completes after the event. This applies to even those who did not hatch the soul they bred.

In addition, the rider that breeds the most number of horses will receive a Rare Stardust and Dana’s Hammer. The hammer is critical for unlocking Core Slots – a rare item that will debut in the 0.9 update. More so, the rarity of the items that the winner receives will be higher than those available for purchase in the NFT shop.

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