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Sipher Public Sale Goes Live

The blockchain gaming world is expanding and more genres of games are joining in. The niche has gone from boring simulation games to proper MMRPG and action games. Speaking of RPGs, Sipher I set to shake up the world of blockchain games. This upcoming game is promising players an explosive playing experience. Sipher Public Sale is set to go live, which is made known via an announcement. Here are the details.

Details of the Sipher Public Sale

Sipher Public Sale details

The public sale is set to go live on the 6th of December by 01:00 UTC. It will last for 72 hours and will end on the 9th of December by 00:10 UTC. There are 40 million tokens up for grabs, which accounts for about 4% of the total supply. Sipher’s official website is the only trusted medium for partaking in this sale. Ensure to use it to avoid scams. In this IBCO, the Sipher Token will sell for $0.36 per token. This sale is resistant to bots and ensures a fair distribution format.

Prior to the sale, the game released a step-by-step guide on how to partake in this public sale. Consult the links below to get more information on how to add a token to your Metamask wallet and other necessary details:

Manually adding a token:

Token Contract Address:

IBCO Contract Address:

To curb changes in prices, Sipher is providing some restrictions. Although buyers will be able to withdraw committed funds during the IBCO. However, there will be certain restrictions for withdrawals in values of more than 1 ETH. In simpler terms, the more ETH you contribute towards the sale, the less funds you will be able to withdraw. This will discourage whale actions and allow small units buyers of the Sipher community.

Retroactive Airdrop Following Sipher Public Sale

With the public sale ongoing, there is a retroactive airdrop in the works. The essence is to reward adopters of this game. In this regard, players holding the Sipher genesis NFTs will receive an various bonuses in this airdrop. Participants do not need do any tasks, Sipher will select winners using the wallets of its community members. The date for this airdrop is on the 1st of March 202. However, it will publish lists of qualifying wallet addresses by the 14th of December 2021.

About Sipher

SIPHER is a casual MOBA and Exploration Game with an end-game goal of creating an Open World Social Game. Built as ERC-721 Blockchain, the 1st collection of 10,000 characters, namely Sipherian Surge, belongs to SIPHER INU race.

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