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How to Start Earning Cryptocurrencies in OliveX, the Move-to-Earn Metaverse

OliveX is a blockchain-based move-to-earn platform focusing on how to create and incubate gamified fitness experiences on the blockchain. It does this in collaboration with leading fitness and gaming brands.

The goal is to offer users an immersive fitness experience while empowering them with virtual property right. Like much move-to-earn gaming, OliveX provides users a chance to earn crypto. All you need is an internet-enabled Smartphone and access to Dustland Runner – OliveX’s blockchain-based game.

What does Dustland Runner Entail?

Dustland Runner is an adventure game requiring users to collect gears to run, sprint, or jug across varying distances globally. In exchange, the game rewards users with its native currency, DOSE. The token is both for utility and payment.

As players accumulate virtual rewards, they can use them to unlock in-game items, level up, and participate in different special events and game modes. Additionally, users can trade the DOSE tokens on NFT marketplaces and crypto exchanges.

It is worth mentioning that the rewards for activities are based on the distance covered and not performance. In addition to the DOSE tokens, users can also get exclusive NFTs as rewards.


Dustland Runner Game Mechanics: What to Know

Dustland Runner uses the Zombie Run game engine, which the platform acquired in March 2021 for $9.5 million. Zombie Run launched in 2012 and averages about 300,000 active users monthly. 50,000 of these users are subscribers.

The game is set around 2272 after an apocalypse where a powerful solar flare scorched the Earth and destroyed cities. The destruction left scattered survivors and the planet in ruin. The Dustlands are what was left.

They were a ramshackle collection of seven settlements, pirates, and ghost towns. Players must live in this virtual world and try to survive and thrive with scarce resources. They can run for resources, discover secrets in the Dustland, and find other survivors.

The mission is to run over the Dustlands and save the future. Gamers can upgrade their character by using resources and items they collect.

With upgraded character, they can undertake more dangerous missions and improve their stats to earn better rewards. Users can earn through daily rewards, activity rewards, and material crafting.

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