Explore the Derby Stars Metaverse and Win Big Time!
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Explore the Derby Stars Metaverse and Win Big Time!

A new age of player ownership and open virtual worlds is dawning, and the gates are about to open. You have a chance to be in a Derby Stars giveaway and win horse NFTs, mystery boxes, and other rewards.

The future of gaming is bright, and Derby Stars is ready to lead the pack of metaverse games with the help of guildfi. They plan to innovate in this new frontier.

Join the Giveaway Right Now!

To be in the giveaway, visit GuildFi’s website at guildfi.com/derbystars. There, connect your email address or crypto wallet address, and that will serve as your entry.

For the best chance at winning, you can also register at app.synrz.xyz/campaign/derbystars. Also, you can follow the official Derby Stars profile on Twitter.

Exciting Prizes Up for Grabs

The first 1,000 participants will each receive a mystery box containing random in-game items and other rewards. Once 5,000 players enter, 5 lucky winners will get horse NFTs of a Derby Stars horse.

At 10,000 and 15,000 entrants, 5 more players will win horse NFTs. The grand prize includes 15 horse NFTs, 4 rare horse NFTs, and 1 unique horse NFT.

Exciting Prizes Up for Grabs

The Gameplay Experience

In the Derby metaverse, players will be in a virtual world of horse breeding and racing. You’ll be able to get horse NFTs and breed them to produce foals with unique attributes.

Also, you can raise your stable of digital horses by feeding and training them. Each horse NFT will have a distinct look and set of stats that tell you about its racing abilities.

Racing Horses in Derby Stars

Once your horses are ready, you can enter them in races against other players. Winning races will earn you rewards that allow you to improve your stable, and breed even better horses.

So, you can then rise to the top of the rankings. The best racehorses can also fetch high prices on the in-game marketplace or bring in high breeding fees as stallions.

A Vast and Engaging Virtual World

There are over 10 billion possible horse NFT combinations and no two are exactly alike. So, the depth and variety of horses in Derby Stars promise to produce lots of surprises and fun. The deep breeding, training, and racing system also gives engaging gameplay for both casual and hardcore players.

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