Outer Ring Updates its Marketplace to Enhance User Experience
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Outer Ring Updates its Marketplace to Enhance User Experience


  • Implementation of a 1-minute cool-down period on NFT purchases.
  • Front-running problem and its impact on inexperienced users.
  • Recommendations to protect yourself in decentralized transactions.

Digital trading platform Outer Ring Marketplace has implemented a 1-minute cooldown period on NFT purchases to combat the front-running issue.

This measure seeks to protect inexperienced users from malicious practices that take advantage of a lack of knowledge in managing spending limits and transactions.

Front-running is a tactic used by experienced individuals to exploit less knowledgeable users.

A typical case involves a user deciding to purchase an NFT and setting a spending limit following their wallet’s suggestion, which is often the maximum value or total available balance.

A malicious user can monitor these transactions and, upon seeing a high spending limit, use a script to purchase the NFT first at a higher gas price.

It then resells the NFT at the maximum price the first user was willing to pay, resulting in an inflated purchase and a profit for the attacker.

The 1-minute cooldown measure prevents any purchased NFTs from being sold immediately, making these front-running tactics difficult.

Although this measure may be a slight inconvenience for legitimate users, its impact is minimal compared to the security benefits it provides.

Despite Outer Ring Implementation, Users Are Advised to Take Extra Precautions

It is crucial that users set appropriate spending limits that match the price of the desired item, thus avoiding unnecessary risks.

Additionally, they must be vigilant and monitor their transactions to identify possible exploitation attempts.

It is also recommended that you take advantage of the additional security features that digital wallets offer, such as advanced settings and controls, to enhance asset protection.

Remembering that blockchain technology gives power and responsibility to users is essential for a secure and satisfactory experience in the decentralized ecosystem.

The 1-minute cooldown period on NFT purchases is an effective measure to prevent front-running, improving security and trust in digital transactions.

Users should continue to adopt responsible security practices to take full advantage of the benefits of decentralized technologies.

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