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NFT Game Fantasy Top Adds 40 New Heroes


  • Fantasy Top experienced a significant increase in player engagement after introducing 40 new heroes. Including notable figures from the crypto world such as Barneytheboi, wab.eth, and LilMoonLambo.
  • The game’s update also included changes to the scoring system to address concerns about artificial inflation due to bot usage. Along with adjustments to the statistics of the original heroes to promote fair gameplay.
  • Following the update, Fantasy Top saw a 51% increase in trading volume in 24 hours, with 67,000 active users in the last week and 140,000 since its launch.

Fantasy Top, the popular NFT game present on Crypto Twitter, has experienced a significant surge in player engagement following an update that introduced 40 new heroes to the game. These new heroes include renowned figures from the crypto world such as Barneytheboi, wab.eth, and LilMoonLambo.

The game operates on the Ethereum layer-2 network Blast, where influencers are transformed into NFT cards called heroes. Players can acquire these cards to participate in fantasy football-style tournaments against others, with influencers earning a percentage of their cards’ trading volume and part of the total pack sale revenue.

The update also brought changes to the game’s scoring system in response to concerns about artificially inflated participation numbers due to bots. The introduction of the new system aims to mitigate their influence and ensure fair gameplay. Additionally, the original heroes have had adjustments to their statistics, and frequent posts will no longer be disadvantaged.

fantasy top nft

Fantasy Top Announces Two Tournaments and Big Prizes

Following the update, Fantasy Top saw a significant increase in trading volume. With a 51% rise in the last 24 hours, according to DappRadar. Additionally, 67,000 active users were detected in the last week and 140,000 since its May 1 launch.

Furthermore, two major tournaments and big prizes have been announced. The second main tournament, starting on May 14, will feature 333,333 Blast Gold as the prize. Analysts predict that the total prize pool could exceed $3.3 million. Additionally, a “common cards only” tournament is scheduled for May 16, with an undisclosed additional tweak to promote fairness. The prize for this tournament has yet to be revealed.

Moreover, some NFT cards within the game have reached high valuations. With a legendary Jenn card selling for 13.37 ETH ($39,650) and a common Travis Bickle card selling for 0.49 ETH ($1,453).

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