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Illuvium Zero Alpha 0.1.4 is Now Live with New Updates

Illuvium: Zero is now live with the new updated version. In this updated Alpha 0.1.4, Illuvium has actively focused on fixing various bugs. And they have also added some new and cool features!

Their aim is to improve the gameplay experience. Furthermore, the highlight of the update is implementing the Marketplace Uplink.

Bugs fixed!

As the purpose of this update is to improve the gaming experience, it’s a no-brainer that Illuvium has worked on fixing some in-game bugs.

Here’s a complete list of bugs that won’t be bothering you after the update 0.1.4.

Important Bugs

If you ever faced issues saving the game, you won’t anymore! Also, there was another bug fixed that placed an extractor between two adjacent sides. Those who faced this issue will get an extractor refund.

UI Bugs

Some font sizes were tweaked to make the reading experience better and from now on notifications will show up on having insufficient credits. Illuvium removed unnecessary time displays for the update and has also fixed the resource reward spacing in activity details. For a detailed version, check out their website.

illuvium zero

Gameplay Bugs

You will no longer face issues due to the rounding error and now you will receive the exact amount of resources in the early game. Also, converters will no longer produce resources during the upgrading process.

Audio and Other Bugs

Remember the annoying audio issue where you had to reset the volume for different plots? Now you can set the audio volume for the entire game. Illuvium has also fixed some other audio bugs and added sound effects to lakes, silicon mounds, and solon trenches.

Apart from that, you can now leave the game without any errors.

New features

These are the new features you may notice in this Illuvium: Zero Alpha 0.1.4…

Marketplace Uplink

As mentioned in the introduction, the highlight of the update is implementing the Marketplace Uplink.

How does Marketplace Uplink help players?

Implementing Marketplace Uplink helps you interact with another player. However, this implementation is local at the moment; but Illuvium has promised if the feedback is satisfactory, they might finalize the implementation.

Other features include adding new VFX, notifications for game updates, better security and a safer gameplay experience, and a better saving cycle to exit the game without losing progress. There’s also a frame limiter for high-end devices to speed up loading.

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