Gafin Announces Monthly Crew3 Ranking Giveaway With a $3,600 Prize Pool
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Gafin Announces Monthly Crew3 Ranking Giveaway With a $3,600 Prize Pool

Gafin has announced that it will be launching a monthly Crew3 ranking giveaway to reward top users. For those that don’t know, Crew3 is a platform for growing web3 communities by helping users understand projects more easily. In addition, participants can receive prizes by completing tasks and climbing the leaderboard.

Over the years, Crew3 has become a very integral part of blockchain communities. Major projects have used it to organize different events for their community members. One of them is Gafin who officially launched a special campaign. It presents a fair opportunity for players to earn rewards after completing specific missions.

Details of the Gafin Crew3 Ranking Giveaway

Gafin GameFi Guild

The Gafin Cew3 Ranking Giveaway will be a monthly exercise. Every month, the team will list out different milestones that participants need to meet on the platform. Those who attain them will receive XP (experience points) as a reward. Having more experience points increases your ranking on the leaderboard.

There are different categories of tasks in this event. They include the following:

  • Daily Tasks: Repetitive tasks like sharing posts and accessing your account daily. They change with each new day.
  • Community Tasks: Share content, follow social media accounts and participate in other community activities.
  • GameNight Discord Tasks: Try out new games and access the latest features and versions of Gafin.
  • Invite Tasks: Refer friends and family members to join the Gafin community.
  • Partner Tasks: Join Cew3 and learn about other projects on the platform.

These different missions have their respective experience points. Learning about their effect on your ranking helps you become more strategic. You can choose to do the more rewarding or the more possible tasks.

At the end of each campaign, Gafin will select the top players and distribute prizes to them. The reward pool will include NFTs, tokens, tournament tickets and many more. Meanwhile, those with higher ratings will receive more significant incentives than their lower counterparts. According to the announcement, $3,600 worth of prizes will be set aside for this competition every month.

After each event, Gafin will compile results from the leaderboard and players will receive their prizes. Then, the team will re-establish a new leaderboard for the process to start all over again. Doing this will give new players a fresh start and create a level playing ground for everyone who wants to participate.

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