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Gafin Opens the Arena of Valor Tournament for Registration

Gafin has opened the Arena of Valor Tournament for registration. Players who want to join this eSports content can now begin indicating interest. This competition holds many gameplay and earning opportunities for participants to benefit from.

Season 1 of this event will feature 4 tournament titles. The team is introducing prominent web2 games, but with an earning mechanism. This fusion aims to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming experiences. Gafin intends to position itself as the go-to source for all types of players who want immersive gameplay activities.

For details, Gafin reveals the types of games that will be part of the Arena of Valor Tournament. They include those below:

  • Arena of Valor: This eSports game draws inspiration from King of Glory. Released into the Garena in 2016, it has become more popular among young people. It promises exciting gameplay of traditional gaming.
  • League of Legends: This game was launched in 2008 by Riot Games. To this day, many people still regard it as the number 1 electronic sports game. League of Legends led the revolution for playing experiences among players.

How to Complete the Gafin Arena of Valor Tournament Registration

Gafin Arena of Valor Tournament Registration

While Gafin is offering that immersive gaming experience, the team is not stopping there. The team is offering players massive earning opportunities. They are setting aside 3,000,000 $VND as the prize pool. The top 3 players will share this reward in the following format:

  • 1st position: 1,500,000 $VND
  • 2nd position: 1,000,000 $VND
  • 3rd position: 500,000 $VND

Meanwhile, Gafin is promising additional prizes to other participants. However, it did not state the rewards in detail.

To stand a chance of getting any compensation, interested contestants must complete their registration. Anyone who wants to participate must complete their registration on or before the 6th of March 2023. There are only slots for 32 players. The tournament proper will begin on the 9th of March.

These are the steps to take in registering for the Arena of Valor Tournament:

  • Sign in to the Gafin platform using your Google Account.
  • Search for the tournament from the toolbar.
  • Locate the Arena of Valor Tournament and click on “Join Now”.
  • Fill out the registration form with all the necessary details. Ensure to submit the form to complete the process.

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