JobTribes PVP Week Season 12
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JobTribes PVP Week Season 12 Goes Live

JobTribes PVP Week Season 12 is now live. Players have the opportunity to test their skills in duels. The top players will get a special badge and other rewards. Meanwhile, the Labyrinth Event has also been postponed. The team also announced the date for the NFT Quest.

Details of JobTribes PVP Week Season 12

JobTribes PVP Week Season 12 will begin by 14:00 UTC+8 on the 1st of March. It will continue till 7:59 UTC+8 on the 6th of March. While participants will win DEP prizes, the best players will receive a special badge for finishing top of the leaderboard. The announcement of winners will take place by the 7th of March.

Below is the breakdown of prizes:

  • 1st to 100th positions: Rainbow Badge and 1 Legendary Earth each.
  • 101st to 500th positions: Gold Badge and 1 Epic Earth each.
  • 501st to 1000th positions: Silver badge and 1 Rare Earth each.
  • 1001st to 3000th positions: Bronze Badge and 6 colours of Sand 100.

JobTribes NFT Quest Week Season 13

There is a participation prize pool of 50,000 PALEcoin. In addition, JobTribes will also modify the drop items for PVP week from season 2.

Meanwhile, there will be special rules during the course of this event. They include the following:

  • Your health point will recover 1.5x faster from the effect of all amulets.
  • Enhancements will not have specific attributes.
  • You must wait till after 3 turns before using support skills and debt.
  • These rules are still subject to change every time.

NFT Quest Season 13

While unveiling the PVP Week Season 12, JobTribes also announced the date for the NFT Quest Season 13. This event will begin by 14:00 UTC+8 on the 15th of March. This competition will run till 10:59 UTC+8 on the 29th of March.

There will be 15 quests, and players can complete at least one stage per day. Those who undertake and finish all phases will unlock the Legendary Levels. Should they attain this milestone, they will receive 27,600 $DEP. However, users with Common NFTs are ineligible for this competition.

In between the competition, the team will issue several updates. During this period, users will not be able to engage in gameplay.

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