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JobTribes Announces the Collaboration NFTs Sale

JobTribes has announced that it will be releasing the Collaboration NFTs for Sale. Players will be able to get a more powerful version than the original edition of these digital assets. This announcement comes alongside the launch of a lottery event.

Details of the JobTribes Collaboration NFT Sale

The JobTribes Collaboration NFTs Sale is a revival of the Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai and the Project B-idol. PlayMining is launching improved versions of these digital assets to celebrate their return to the ecosystem. Those who obtain them will have significant advantages over other players.

These items will be available for sale by 14:00 UTC+8 on Wednesday, the 22nd of February. It will continue till 10:59 UTC+8 on Wednesday, the 22nd of March. Interested buyers can purchase them on the PlayMining NFT marketplace. This is the only recognized medium for this sale, and investors are advised to shun unauthorized third-party platforms.

All the non-fungible tokens up for grabs are of the Epic Rarity levels.  Besides the sale, there will special events and bonuses. First is the Special Login Bonus. Players will get Amulets that they can use in JobTribes as a daily reward whenever players access their accounts. This campaign will run from 8:00 UTC+8 on the 22nd of February till 7:59 UTC+8 on the 8th of March.

PlayMining Lottery Event

Alongside the JobTribes Collaboration NFTs Sale, PlayMining is also launching a lottery event. This is an excellent opportunity for users to win DEP tokens. From 14:00 UTC+8 on the 22nd of February to 13:59 UTC+8 on the 28th of February, players who win battles in the Lottery Event will receive raffle tickets. In addition, users can also get these tickets playing other completing other missions besides the NFT Quests.

There are no Water and Poison amulets on the decks. This gives a significant advantage to players who own Fire and Earth amulets. In addition, owning an NFT-enhanced amulet increases the number of lottery tickets you will receive for winning a battle. Besides from engaging in battles in the lottery event section, players can also purchase tickets from the lottery ticket office.

By Wednesday, the 1st of March, PlayMining will announce the winners of this event.

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