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Nakamoto Games Announces Significant Achievements for the Nakaverse


  • Nakamoto Games was listed on a level 1 exchange.
  • The launch of the mobile application is imminent.
  • Preparations for the launch of NAKAVERSE version 2.0 and the #GalacticGrail CCG card game are underway.

Nakamoto Games, a prominent company in the blockchain-based gaming industry, has reached a significant milestone with its recent inclusion on a level 1 exchange. This addition represents a key step in its journey and marks the beginning of a new phase of growth and development.

Listing on a level 1 exchange is a recognition of Nakamoto Games’ growth and strength in the blockchain-based gaming market. This listing provides the company with greater visibility and access to a broader user base. Which in turn can translate into an increase in the value and liquidity of its native token, $NAKA.

In addition to this important news. Nakamoto Games is working on a series of key initiatives aimed at further strengthening its position in the market and providing additional value to its player community.

One of these initiatives is the upcoming launch of its mobile application, which will allow users to access the platform and participate in games from their mobile devices. The development of the mobile application is in its final stages. With thorough testing underway to ensure a smooth and secure experience for Android and iOS users.

nakamoto games

Nakamoto Games Ventures into the Metaverse

Furthermore, Nakamoto Games is laying the groundwork for the launch of NAKAVERSE version 2.0, its own metaverse. This update will bring new features and games within the metaverse, offering users an even more immersive experience.

Another exciting project they are working on is the launch of #GalacticGrail CCG. A collectible card game that promises to captivate genre enthusiasts with its strategic gameplay and content.

The Nakamoto Games team is committed to excellence in all its operations, from product development to customer service. Improvements are being made in various aspects, including the chat system and community events to encourage user participation and interaction.

The company is well positioned to solidify its position as a leader in the blockchain-based gaming space and provide significant value to its growing player community.

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