Axie Infinity Season 2 Bug Cards Changes
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Axie Infinity Reveals Season 2 Bug Cards Changes

Axie Infinity has revealed the Season 2 Bug Cards Changes. The modifications include the Ears, Eyes, Mouth, Tails Horn and Back. The unveiling also features a mechanic update. While issuing the sneak peek, the team also hinted that the last card leak would occur in the next 24 hours. This update comes after Axie streamers partnered with pro basketball players for a charity game.

Details of the Axie Infinity Season 2 Bug Cards Changes

Axie Infinity will introduce the following Season 2 Bug Cards Changes:


  • Neo: Gives you insights into the top 3 cards of your opponent. Allows you to discard 1.
  • Nerdy: Draw and/or discard 2 cards from your hand.
  • Kotaro: Randomly deal 1 hit and apply Death Mark for 4 turns.


  • Beetle Spike: Deal Pure DMG and steal shield from your target that is equal to 30% of the damage dealt.
  • Larva: Gain 2 Energy fragment when you discard at least 1 skill card while Scrying.
  • Ear Breathing: Deal 1 random hit and shuffle 1 Goo into your opponent discard pile.


  • Mosquito: Target any hit, deal 2 hits and steal 15 HP per unit.
  • Pincer: Shield all your enemies and shuffle 1 Goo into their discard pile when they use the Keep power-up.
  • Cute Bunny: Apply fear for 4 turn or apply Hex for 4 turns if the target has a shield.


  • Snail Shell: Target an ally and apply Goo into the discard pile of the opponent that attack it.
  • Garish Worm: Discard 2 random card into your opponent’s hand.
  • Buzz Buzz: Attack all enemies and deal 5 bonus DMG for every discard card.


  • Logging: Target and ally and shuffle 1 Goo into your opponent discard pile when they use a skill or secret card.
  • Caterpillar: Apply Fear for 4 turns or apply Hex for four turns if the opponent has a shield.
  • Leaf Bug: Target any ally, grant 2 Cocoon and an additional Cocoon if it is retained.


  • Ant: Apply Taunt to specific Axies for 4 turns.
  • Twin Tail: Target an ally and discard 1 random card in your opponent pile if they attack your target.
  • Thorny Caterpillar: Deal 30 DMG for every 3 Goo card in your opponent’s deck.

Axie Streamers Christmas Charity Basketball Game

Axie Streamers Christmas Charity Basketball Game

Axie Infinity co-founder Jeff “Jihoz” Zirlin sponsored a charity basketball game with a price pool of P30,000. The event was between the Beast and Aqua teams. Both squads comprised pro basketball players and Axie streamers. The quarter scores ended as follows: 15–13, 31–29, 49–47, 59–57.

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