Tap Fantasy Announces Its 'Biggest Gameplay Update Since Launch'
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Tap Fantasy Announces Its ‘Biggest Gameplay Update Since Launch’


  • Fantasy.Top has launched a new leagues model with major rewards.
  • Competitions start on Monday at 5 PM EST.
  • Competitions with capped rarity and stars are introduced for fairer play.

Fantasy.Top, the fantasy blockchain gaming platform, has launched its biggest update since its inception, revolutionizing user experience with the new leagues model.

This update, which incorporates a series of innovations designed to increase competitiveness and fairness in the game, promises to transform how players participate and earn rewards.

The new league system is designed to offer a more meritocratic and skill-based gaming experience.

Each league now supports a maximum level of card rarity and stars per deck, leveling the playing field and allowing strategy and skill to be the deciding factors.

This approach aims to create an environment where all participants, regardless of their initial investment in the game, have the opportunity to compete on equal terms.

To celebrate this exciting launch, Fantasy.Top has announced an impressive list of rewards for the upcoming competitions.

Starting Monday at 5 PM EST, players will compete for 600,000 Blast GOLD, 22 ETH, exclusive cards, and a large amount of fan points and stars.

These rewards not only incentivize participation but also highlight Fantasy.Top’s commitment to its community by offering substantial prizes that can significantly impact users’ gaming experience.

The implementation of the Capped Rarity and Stars Competition is another key addition in this update.

Inspired by user feedback, this mode seeks to promote a fairer and more accessible game.

By capping the rarity and number of stars of cards in competition, Fantasy.Top ensures that all players, regardless of their investment level or card collection, can compete for the same prizes.

This move is part of a broader effort by the platform to democratize the game and ensure that all users can enjoy and thrive in the Fantasy.Top universe.

Tap Fantasy Announces Its 'Biggest Gameplay Update Since Launch'

Advantages of the New Leagues Model in Tap Fantasy

The introduction of the new leagues model brings a series of benefits designed to enhance the overall player experience.

First, the focus on skill and strategy means that players who have dedicated time to perfecting their tactics will have a competitive edge, regardless of the rarity of their cards.

This change is significant because it fosters a deeper and more thoughtful style of play.

Additionally, the reward structure is designed to keep players motivated and engaged.

With major prizes like Blast GOLD and ETH at stake, the platform has ensured that competitions are appealing to both veterans and newcomers.

Exclusive cards and fan points also add an extra layer of incentive, providing value both in-game and within the broader Fantasy.Top community.

Another positive aspect is the promotion of a more inclusive gaming environment.

By capping rarity and stars, Tap Fantasy has leveled the playing field, allowing more players to feel that they have a fair chance to win.

This inclusive approach is crucial for building a loyal and enthusiastic player community.

Finally, these updates reflect Fantasy.Top’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

By listening to its community and adapting the game accordingly, the platform demonstrates its willingness to evolve and improve for the benefit of its users.

With these new leagues, Tap Fantasy is not only enhancing the gaming experience but also building a future that is more equitable and exciting for all its players.

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