Illuvium Discloses New Airdrop Season Details
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Illuvium Discloses New Airdrop Season Details


  • Registration for Illuvium Private Beta 4 now open.
  • Massive Airdrop campaign with 250,000 ILV tokens up for grabs.
  • Start of Play-to-Airdrop with activities in Private Beta 4 on April 30.

The world of blockchain gaming is about to experience a monumental milestone with Illuvium, which has announced its long-awaited Private Beta 4 along with a massive Airdrop campaign that will leave participants with the chance to win a share of 250,000 ILV tokens.

Registration for Illuvium‘s Private Beta 4 is officially open, meaning interested players can secure their participation in this limited phase.

This important announcement not only reveals the upcoming arrival of Illuvium’s Private Beta 4, but also presents us with an Airdrop campaign never before seen in the world of games based on decentralized finance (GameFi).

With the distribution of 250,000 ILV tokens up for grabs, this campaign marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Illuvium and offers an exciting opportunity for both avid players and investors in the community.

This milestone not only reflects Illuvium’s continued growth and innovation, but also underscores its commitment to rewarding and keeping its user base engaged, highlighting the inclusive and progressive vision that drives Illuvium in the competitive world of blockchain gaming.

Illuvium Discloses New Airdrop Season Details

The Illuvium Airdrop campaign consists of two important parts

Firstly, a Loyalty Airdrop has been announced that will reward those who have been active in the Illuvium ecosystem over the past few years.

With a total of 50,000 ILV reserved for this phase, participants will receive rewards based on activities such as staking in pools, in-game purchases and participation in the IlluviDex platform.

Secondly, the Play-to-Airdrop campaign will begin with Private Beta 4 which is scheduled to launch on April 30.

During this phase, players will have the opportunity to earn a share of the impressive 200,000 SIL up for grabs by participating in activities such as battles in the Illuvium: Arena, exploring the Overworld, developing lands in Illuvium: Zero, and participating in transactions within Illuvium: Beyond.

The Illuvium community is excited about this news, marking the days on their calendars for the exciting start of Private Beta 4.

With the promise of an enriching gaming experience and meaningful rewards, Illuvium demonstrates its continued commitment to its community and its vision of innovation in the blockchain gaming space.

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