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STEPN Announces Huge Collaboration With Adidas: Genesis Sneakers NFT Collection Launches on Solana


  • STEPN and Adidas have partnered to launch the new Genesis Sneakers NFT collection on the Solana blockchain.
  • The collection will feature 1000 Genesis Sneakers NFTs, merging fashion and blockchain technology to attract NFT collectors.
  • The sales process will be conducted through a two-phase lottery system to ensure fair distribution, with the first phase reserved for the most loyal users and the second phase open to the general public.

The lifestyle application, STEPN, has announced a long-term collaboration with the iconic sportswear brand Adidas. The alliance involves the launch of the new Genesis Sneakers NFT collection, developed on the Solana blockchain.

The collection will consist of 1000 Genesis Sneakers NFTs, blending fashion and blockchain technology to appeal to NFT collectors. The digital sneakers will be available for purchase on the MOOAR marketplace, priced at 10,000 GMT each, the native token of STEPN.

The sales process will be conducted through a two-phase lottery system, ensuring fair and equitable distribution of the sneakers. The first phase, scheduled for April 17th, will be reserved for the platform’s most loyal users, including holders of “ALTS by Adidas” NFTs and eligible members of the FSL community. The second phase, from April 18th to 21st, will be a public lottery sale where winners will be chosen every 24 hours.

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STEPN and Adidas Promise More Releases, Including Exclusive Physical Items

Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN by FSL, expressed great enthusiasm for the partnership with Adidas. He noted that this partnership represents the direction in which lifestyle trends are heading.

In addition to the NFT collection launch. STEPN also conducted an airdrop of FSL tokens worth approximately $30 million as part of its democratization efforts. A total of 100 million FSL points were distributed during the event. Another goal of the application was to showcase the growth of the “move-to-earn” sector and enhance accessibility to blockchain technology.

With over 5 million registered users, STEPN continues to expand its presence in the market. The collaboration with Adidas is just the beginning of a one-year partnership. They promises more NFT releases and exclusive physical items in the near future.

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