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Merit Circle Introduces its Gaming Platform

Merit Circle is taking the necessary next steps toward giving its users a premium experience. This is because the DAO is finally introducing its gaming platform. From the onset, the goal has been to create a welcoming, educational and entertaining medium for gamers.

While announcing the launch, the team emphasized that this is the maiden edition. Furthermore, this version aims at providing the DAO with the necessary logistics it needs to manage its portfolio. By managing its games, the organization believes it will be able to maintain player engagement. However, loads of work must be done to ensure that the backend can support this demand.

Details of the Merit Circle Gaming Platform

To intimate users with the process, Merit Circle also gives a rundown of what the gaming platform entails. The idea behind this initiative began with the Axie 420 scholarship. Following the growth of play-to-earn, the scheme grew into a revenue-generating medium. It was not long before it began receiving significant funding from investors. At that point, it became clear that it should be bigger than a simple game scholarship platform.

This gave birth to the Merit Circle DAO and oversaw the system’s transformation. However, drastic changes in the market saw noticeable changes within the community. Those who were solely in for the earning benefits left. While others who believed in the idea stepped up to keep the community going. Their actions range from hosting game nights to creating content about new games. This approach increased the interaction among members with each other.

However, new projects are emerging daily, and it will not be long before users started looking elsewhere. Many of its gamers are now looking for other places to switch their influence to. To this effect, the organization is looking to create a more sustainable model to serve it in the long term. This is why it is onboarding new games to maintain the energy levels.

Pillars of this Initiative

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However, this innovation itself came with certain challenges. For one, there is the issue of scaling that will aid the new introductions. This is why Merit Circle is launching the gaming platform – to serve as the home to its community. This innovation will major on these three factors: explore, educate and compete.

According to the DAO, this approach is wholesome. By educating users, it will ensure that they truly understand the idea. They will also have multiple gaming options to try and outwit one another.

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