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Yield Guild Games to Expand Scholarship Program

The ecosystem of decentralized gaming has helped players gain financial freedom. It helps individuals make money for the time they spend playing various games. However, most blockchain games require players to “buy into” the game.

This entry level requirement was to reduce chances of abuse of the game. Although it protects the game, entry level requirements also restricts access. Player without funds will not be able to play the game.

Therefore, certain individuals or organizations took it on themselves to offer scholarship programs for gamers. They will fund the entry level requirements while players will pay back their debt over time. Once the player is able to pay off the debt, he or she can start playing on their own. The scholarship involves a revenue sharing model between the scholar and the organization.

YGG Partners With Merit Circle

One of such organizations is Merit Circle. Merit Circle offers scholarship programs to gamers. Beneficiaries of these scholarships include people from Philippines, Venezuela, and Nigeria. It operates as a decentralized autonomous organization. Merit Circle is set to partner with Yield Guild Games (YGG).

This partnership is in line with YGG’s expansion of its scholarship program.The partnership between YGG and Merit Circle also comes off the back of their community airdrop. Members of the YGG community got rewards in digital assets for their committed members.

YGG Purchases $1 Million Digital Assets

Yield Guild Games is a household name in blockchain gaming. It has stakes in blockchain games like Axie Infinity, F1 Delta Time, League of Kingdoms. Besides the games above, The Sandbox, Illuvium, Zed Run, Ember Sword, Splinterlands, Guild of Guardians and many others are some games in which it has investments. Although it started its scholarship program in July,YGG is expanding the program a great deal.

It recently made an announcement of purchasing $1 million worth of digital assets from Star Atlas. This purchase was also a partnership between the two projects. It was also part of YGG bid to expand their scholarship scheme.

Yield Guild Games seems to be going all out in this expansion. The company will use 50 plots of land to offer scholarships to players. Furthermore, it plans to introduce a lending program. Players can earn passive income by lending their NFTs to third parties. This new player economy is tagged the “Cedalion Project”.

Players or Cedalion Apprentices will earn LAVA both as a passive or active income. Apprentices who play-to-earn will earn it as an active income. Those who lend to third parties will earn it as a passive income. However, Apprentices need to earn 10,000 XP. This is the requirement before they will be eligible to earn from the program. Players can trade the LAVA they earn for real money.

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