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Nine Chronicles Introduces the Content Creator Program

Decentralized games are more than just playing games. These games give members of their community the opportunity to earn while they play. A number of players give testimonies of raising significant sums while engaging in gameplay.

Also, there are individuals who offer scholarships to players. As players earn rewards, they pay off their debts. Such is the extent to which decentralized games provide financial freedom.

Despite its current play-to-earn model, Nine Chronicles is giving players the opportunity to earn more rewards. It announced that it is kick starting a content creator rewards program. In this program, it will reward various individuals for their contribution to the blockchain community. Contribution include those from entry level as well as creators with adequate experience.

To encourage participation in this program, the company will invite up to 50 content creators per week. This is in addition to the initial invitation it has already sent out to certain creators already.

Nine Chronicles advises creators to invest time and effort into creating content. Although the content must not be professional, it will be rejecting contents that do not meet certain standards.

Level 1 Content Creators

According to the statement from the company, there will be two levels of creators. Level One will be for entry level creators who do not yet have any content creation experience. At this level, entry is open to virtually everyone.

Members can develop a/an article, video, fan art, NFT, stream, dance clip or food recipe. As long as it is something that creates awareness about the Nine Chronicles brand, it is a welcome content.

Level One Content Creators will stand the chance of winning $30 in $NCG per month. Furthermore, they will have to turn in two creations every month. Level One creators who perform beyond expectations will also receive further rewards.

Below are the details on how to participate:

Level Two Content Creators

Level Two of the content creator program is set aside for those with experience. The standards are higher and so are the expectations. First of all, a level two creator must have at least 500 subscribers on the platform where they share their content. Besides their fanbase, they must also possess prior experience in creating content.

Below are the expectations for Level 2 Content Creators:

For individuals who have experience but do not fit any level, send an email to Creators with inquiries can also send an email to the address above.

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