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Genopets Partners with Magic Eden to Offer SFT Market Support

As it gets closer to the release of its Habitat Management & CraftingGenopets has teamed up with Magic Eden.

The world’s first move-to-earn NFT-based RPG game metaverse partners with Magic Eden to be the first ever game built on Solana to provide SFT market support.

What are SFTs?

These are new NFTs counterparts that are about to launch in the GameFi world. SFTs allow Web3 gaming platforms to design assets that suit stackable use cases, which RPG gamers can recognize. Just like NFTs, SFTs come with features like attributes and an image. Unlike NFTs, they are not restricted to a single supply. 

Therefore, if you currently hold an Earth Crystal and you get five more, you will have six Earth Crystals in your wallet. With this, you have minimal storage space per asset and this allows you to trade SFTs in more quantities with a single click. 

Additionally, trading SFTs utilize minimal resources when compared to NFTs. That is because each collection uses a single mint account on Solana. The implication of this is that users get to pay lower minting fees.


What SFTs will be listed on Magic Eden?

Terraform Seeds and Crystals are the first Genopets SFTs that will be listed on Magic Eden. Crystal SFTs in Genopets is the primary layer material required to craft a large percentage of items within the game. 

Terraform Seeds, on the other hand, are what you need to build new Habitats. Just like in traditional RPGs, the game platform will introduce the ability to stack Genopets assets. With this, users will be able to trade and utilize them for crafting new in-game items.

Seed NFT and Legacy Crystal collection will still be on Magic Eden for a couple of more weeks. However, you will need to swap them for SFTs to use them in-game. You can do this on the Inventory tab on the Mainframe.

What Benefits are Associated with SFTs?

SFTs unlock two main benefits for game publishers and gamers. First, it delivers a smoother user experience, which means users can trade, sell, and buy multiple items with a single click. Second, users get lower fees because fewer resources are needed to transact and mint on-chain.

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