Tides of Fate is the latest major expansion now available in Gods Unchained
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Gods Unchained, Choose Your Path with the ‘Tides of Fate’ Incredible Expansion

Gods Unchained, the popular collectible card game, has released its most ambitious expansion to date: “Tides of Fate.” This expansion promises to take players on an exciting journey into a world of unexplored possibilities.

Tides of Fate” features an astonishing set of 142 new cards, including 15 legendary cards. The creatives behind Gods Unchained have put their talents into creating a treasure trove of fresh and captivating cards, intended to reshape strategies and revitalize gameplay.

One of the most revolutionary features of this expansion is the introduction of “Choose Your Faction”. For the first time in the game’s history, players can align themselves with a faction of their choice, adding a dynamic layer of strategy and competition to every match.

Are you a loyal follower of the fiery Pyre, a cunning adept of Storm, or an unwavering defender of Sanctum? The choice is yours, and it could change the course of your experience.

Additionally, “Tides of Fate” brings with it the exciting Manasurge gameplay, which promises to shake up the foundations of your strategy, ensuring that every battle is unique and challenging.

Prepare to adapt, devise new strategies and take advantage of the opportunities for victory that this new element provides.

The expansion doesn’t stop here in Gods Unchained!

Exclusive cards, available only through the crafting system, will soon add to the gameplay experience, giving players unique and powerful options.

Revolution in Gods Unchained: Choose Your Destiny with 'Tides of Fate'

If you are a passionate collector of legendary cards, now is the time to act. For the first 30 days following the expansion’s release, legendary card drop rates are at an all-time high, ensuring an exciting hunt for collectors and competitors alike.

As we enter the waters of the Shimmering Atlantic, we anticipate a horizon full of emotions. “Choose Your Faction” will be available in-game on October 26, followed by exciting Faction Skirmishes starting October 27.

Additionally, the improved crafting mechanism will be implemented soon, promising an even deeper experience in the world of Gods Unchained.

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