Nakaverse Advertising Tool for Land Owners
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Nakaverse Introduces Nakaverse Advertising Tool for Land Owners

Nakamoto Games – a leading play-to-earn and metaverse ecosystem in the GameFi industry. Since launching the Nakaverse, it has not looked back. Instead, it has created a virtual environment that mimics the real-world economy. To further ensure the scalability of its metaverse, it is introducing an advertising tool for land owners.

Details of the Nakaverse Advertising Tool for Land Owners

The Nakaverse advertising tool for land owners is a variety of marketing features. With them, users can boost their earnings and increase their yields. This will include purchasing parcels for various purposes. One of such is the establishment of factories. Besides building structures, NFT owners can also print banners or logos on their plots. Anyone can use this very efficient branding approach to promote their business.

As a virtual space, avatars will move across different areas to access various features and benefits. Whenever they walk past your property, they will see your brand design. This will give you visual recognition and credibility. Through this initiative, Nakamoto Games becomes the first metaverse to offer players the opportunity to earn passive income.

While making this announcement, the team encourages players to take advantage of this enterprise. This is because more individuals are entering the world of virtual gaming. In no time, business owners will begin merchandising their products and services while socializing in the virtual world. This will result in a rapid expansion of front-running metaverses and increase the demand for Nakaverse resources.

The benefits of growing metaverse adoption are not limited to the publishers alone. As demand increases, the developers will have to introduce and be forced to develop measures to meet the request. This means that players will, in turn, get better and more creative means to reach their target audience. On their part, Nakamoto promises to offer users the best tools they need to create a business plan and maximize their yield in its virtual world.

Naka Army Dog Tags

Naka Army Tags

Not too long ago, Nakamot launched the Tank Battle. To celebrate that release, the team also introduced a tournament. That contest is currently ongoing, and interested players can participate in the action. In a recent update, the team announced that the MMORPG is now Play to Earn. Even better, there is an NFT that will make gameplay more exciting.

The Army Dog Tags guarantee a weekly prize pool for anyone who holds them. They only cost $0.25 each. The team is also informing players that there have been significant bug fixes. In this regard, they will enjoy a smoother experience.

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