Nakaverse Public Land Sale
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Nakamoto Games Launches Nakaverse Public Land Sale

The Nakaverse public land sale is set to take place. Any interested person will be able to secure plots of land in this next-generation metaverse that resembles the real-world economy. More details are as follows.

Details of the Nakaverse Public Land Sale

Nakamoto Games will offer Lands in the Nakaverse for sale to the public from the 22nd of March. These digital plots will sell for $12,000 per unit and the process will take place via a smart contract. In addition, buyers can get immediate access to their assets while paying over a period of time. They can choose to pay over the period of 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 months.

The prospective owner will be able to use the plot once they sign the contract. To ensure security and fairness, however, there will be a clause in that contract. Should the user miss three consecutive payments, the land ownership will revert to Nakamoto Games.

Nakaverse is a futuristic metaverse that gives landowners special privileges. By acquiring land, users can get access to scarce items within the virtual world. Each plot will have all the necessary in-game resources and limitless earning potential. These virtual lands are certain to become a major form of development in the metaverse industry.

They will also constitute a major part of the liquidity in the Nakamoto metaverse. Players can use these resources to generate in-game assets and NFTs. Users can also generate income by renting out their spaces in the immersive virtual world. Users can also sell their parcels to other users via a smart contract. The buyer can decide to make an upfront payment or spread it across a period of time as shown above.

Sellers are protected through a smart contract as shown above. Similarly, the sale will be reversed if the buyer defaults on subsequent payments. They will also keep all the previous payments they received.

Songkran Festival Campaign

Songkran Festival Campaign

Nakamoto Games is celebrating Thailand’s most famous festival with a $5000 reward campaign. To participate, users will have to fill out a Google Form using the same email that is registered to the gaming platform. While filling out the form, select the preferred game with which you want to register in this campaign.

After completing the registration, start playing your chosen game to climb up the leaderboard. This campaign will run from the 13th to the 20th of April 2022. At the end of the campaign, the top 10 players will earn $500 worth of $NAKA each. This will not include the rewards they earn while competing.

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