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Illuvium Partners with Galaxy Fight NFT to Host a Tournament

The play-to-earn game platform, Illuvium, has partnered with Galaxy Fight NFT to host a rewarding Cross-IP Championship Tournament, which it calls the Trophy Run. Participants can earn trophies and expand their gameplay experience in the tournament.

Players must fill out the GFC Trophy Run signup form to participate in the event. They must provide their email address, wallet address, and state Illuvium as the project they represent. The form will be available until October 9.

What is the Trophy Run Tournament about?

According to Illuvium, the Trophy Run is for casual play and is to help players practice and prepare for the forthcoming Qualifiers and Championship tournaments. The forthcoming events promise to be bigger with more exciting prizes. Participants can play whenever they wish as there is no specific timeframe for the game.

The team will determine the results based on the Trophies and Experience earned. It is worth mentioning that you earn Trophies when you win and lose them when you lose the game. Additionally, you earn EXP points in each match you play.

More Details about the Trophy Run Tournament

Players must note they represent the Illuvium community in the Galaxy Fight NFT Trophy Run. Therefore, they should include ILV in their Gamer Tags. Players with existing Galaxy Fight NFT accounts can also use it for the Trophy Run tournament. You do not require any specific assets to play in the event.

What are the Prizes for the Trophy Run Tournament?

Illuvium has revealed there are three prize categories for the event. The details of the categories are enumerated below:

  • The Best player from each community participating in the event.
  • Top 25 players overall in complete trophy run from each partner project
  • The top performing collection in the tournament.

The platform will share the prizes among these categories of winners. Players are not mandated to play as a specific in-game character during this event. Every player is free to play with any character of their choice to earn trophies.

Players participating in this tournament can hone their skills and prepare for the bigger Championship and Qualifiers Tournaments coming up soon on the Illuvium platform.

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