Souls of Meta Game Update September 2022
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Souls of Meta Issues Game Update for September 2022

Following the end of the month, Souls of Meta is issuing game update shorts for September 2022. The team points out two significant highlights in this edition that will encourage better gameplay. In addition, the monthly newsletter and game-related news have been remodelled into a quarterly one. This comes in line with the demand of the community.

Details of the Souls of Meta Game Update September 2022

The Souls of Meta Game Update for September 2022 features an upgrade to the leaderboard. Following this improvement, players can now access the ranking during gameplay. All they need to do is go to the board located in the Town Square to see the top three $SMP users. This rating will be refreshed every Sunday. Anyone looking to earn tokens, NFTs and other bonuses can join the Monthly Tournament.

While introducing the new ranking system, the team also hinted at specific improvements. The modifications will make the playing experience more exciting. They include the following:

  • The current volume of $SMP has been added to the HUD.
  • Players can now turn the music on or off.
  • The INO Square now delivers messages for Keepers and Dungeons.
  • There are also UI and UX improvements. The graphics are now vivid, and there are also fewer glitches. In simpler terms, the game is now stable.
  • Enemies’ aggro distance has been increased. Henceforth, they will only attack you on sight or when you use a spell.
  • In addition, the challenge of your tokens not reflecting their actual amount is over. From now on, $SMP data is fixed to ensure a better sync when you finish a Fun-2-Earn level.
  • The gameplay has never been this exciting. You can now use non-Genesis characters and weapons during gaming.

As mentioned above, users can play the game with or without music. However, you do not want to go without sounds. This is because Souls of Meta have added new soundtracks to the different progression levels. This ensures that players enjoy a more diverse and ambient virtual environment.

Installing the New Update

Souls of Meta New Game Update

Before you can enjoy these additions, you must download the new update. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Download the game from the website or launch the client on your device.
  • Click onΒ Update to initiate the download.
  • Launch the new gameplay to begin playing.

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