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Plant vs. Undead Farm Announces its Platform Conversion

With recent updates to its content and platform, Plant vs. Undead Farm has announced the conversion of its platform. According to the information on its Twitter page, the game platform is partially moving the basic trading platform of PVU Farm from BSC to FactoryChain. The platform conversion is slated to start on February 24 and end on February 28.

The goal is to enhance Plant vs. Undead Farm with tons of content and also offer more opportunities and fun for investors on its platform. With the introduction of its new NFTs coming soon, it is expected that the gas fee for converting and claiming NFTs may become a major challenge.

To eliminate these issues, the game platform has moved its trading platform to FactoryChain where it will create a new liquidity pool. Suffice to mention that the trading platform on the BSC pool is still intact. The partial movement is to provide fair opportunities for community members and give them options. 

How the Platform Conversion will Benefit Players

PVU Farm plans to introduce tons of NFTs, including Undeads, Plants, crafting formulas, and Spell cards in the next PVU updates. It will also add many extra features, game modes, and content to give players a better game experience.

PVU game

The platform conversion will make these new updates and introduction easier and more seamless for the platform and the players. Here are other benefits that are associated with the new platform conversion:

  • It will make selling, claiming, and trading NFTs easier because of FactoryChain’s low gas fee.
  • More upcoming features will focus on the NFT market, including Concocting, Crafting, Building/Upgrading, and Forging, among others. All these will promote the circulation of items
  • FactoryChain will offer a more comfortable game experience to players playing PVU, thanks to its improved UI/UX.
  • With the new platform conversion, players have options of where to play. They can choose to play on FactoryChain or BSC. They can also choose to play on both! Suffice to mention that the NFTs are separated, which means if you want to play on both platforms, you have to re-invest in FactoryChain.
  • There will be an additional liquidity pool, which will be created on FactoryChain. Players will have the opportunity to explore more exciting offers and rewards while playing the game. 

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